Build Resilience and Your Charity will Thank You!
Following the workshop on stress that I delivered at IoF NW in September last year, I realised how many fundraisers are struggling to manage the huge amount of expectations and responsibilities that are placed on their shoulders.
Fundraisers are such strong people, but the pressure can sometimes be crushing.There is no training in the sector, until now, around building resilience, and it is so much more than the Mental Health First Aid courses that are available.

It’s understanding your self, your own personality, the behaviours you create or tolerate in others, how people think that you always have a smile, so you must be ok!

This course will help you:
Find your resilience toolkit,
Rediscover your sparkle
Find your mojo
Discover new ways to deflect stress
Understand what stress does to your body
Find ways to say NO

I’m offering this course to you, as a member of my Experienced Fundraisers Coaching Group, before doing any wider marketing.
I hope you can join me for the first RESILIENCE DEVELOPMENT COURSE

Kind Regards

Julia Worthington, Amber Coaching for Fundraisers:
07775 681050

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