The Business Network Chester – Networking MAGIC!
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Table planning magic at the Business Network Chester event this week – ensuring the match making hit the sweet spot!

Ahead of every Business Network Chester event we take 3 to 4 days to pull together the table plan – Nothing is left to chance.

We reflect on the intelligence we gather from Our members – learning who they already work with AS WELL AS understanding fully their aspirations and goals for their future customer base. Then we go to work in the Network.

By ensuring we have a really diverse cross section of Businesses we are able to craft connections – different connections every single event. Members may well take over a year to be sat with every other member – which makes perfect sense when you consider on average we have around 100 Members in our network Group at any time.

The diversity of the Business Network Chester is just like a box of chocolates- so many different companies, categories and a STRICT adherence to our sector limits means that to have such a large vibrant group we have to be diverse, welcoming and proactive!

At our April post Easter event we had diversity and network connections in abundance.

With so many thank you’s and testimonials from our Network Members from Chester and the surrounding areas like Wrexham, North Wales and the Wirral, and so many offers of help, its easy to see why The Business network Chester continues to attract high quality Businesses, ambitious leaders, and organisations that want to work with other like minded companies.

With the common aim to help and work hard to open doors of opportunities for others – its always lovely to hear how that help does comes right back at you from a person in the Business Network Chester!

Our latest video testimonial-Serendipity of Table Plans and our Matchmaking = Perfect networking

This ethos and approach was perfectly summed up by our long standing member Sarah Callander Beckett- The Driving force behind Combermere Abbey, and latterly the High Sheriff of Cheshire. As a Business Network Member for almost 4 years now Sarah is the perfect member – happy to share, to learn, to support and also willing to actively buy services from the network – sometimes before she even knows she needs them! That’s the serendipity of the tables plans!


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