Have you ordered your Bridge Community Farms Veg Box ?!

Good morrow, supporters and friends, fruit fettishists, salad slaves and voracious veggies!

I’m struggling to feel my usual positive “up and at ’em” self today, as we all reel under the combined battering of storm whatsit and whatever the devil is going on in the Mother of Parliaments!  I really believe that, under such dire circumstances, the best thing to do is tuck in and focus on something really good and cosy right under our noses.

For example, a good friend… or a loyal pet…. or a comforting bowl of cream of broccoli or mushroom soup (preferably shared with a good friend or a loyal pet!).  Seriously there are not many things more restorative of good humour that wholesome food prepared fresh and with love.

So, spare a thought for our doughty wellness clients and volunteers who had to be sent home early on Wednesday because the gusting gales were dangerously severe, ripping the felt off our pack house and a door off a poly tunnel.  However, there was no loss of life or serious injury, and they all returned on Thursday with smiles for each other, and on we go.

We do send you each our best wishes, and hope that you are not suffering too much damage, injury or inconvenience on account of this wicket weather.

We also send you a cordial invitation!!  If you or any of your connections can spare three hours on a Tuesday morning, we’d love you to help us with our veg box deliveries.  We’re a happy band, and you’ll get to meet some of our very special veg box customers (oooh, that’ll be you!!).  Do please give me a call if you can spare three hours on the odd Tuesday morning (07825 303060).

And do pop in to see us on Saturday morning 9 – 12 for a chat and a cuppa and a bacon roll and a look around.  But please bring your wellies!!

Hope you love the fruit, salad and veg boxes….. and, beloved veg box customers, don’t forget to place/amend your veg box orders BEFORE 11.00 pm Sat night.

Click here to login to your veg box account
Please remember; all orders are final as of 11.00 pm Saturday.  Thank you! 

Have a very blissfully happy and healthy week-end!

Clair and I send you our best wishes


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