Our Members DNA- The network that networks!

The DNA of our Members in the Network
The Business Network Chester – OUR DNA

In this day and age of social media, and tools such as Linked in, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter it is always a delight to see so many people still devoted to meeting new people face to face.



So why is that – when the algorithms at work and Social Media experts tell us that reach, and social capital is king?

Well – it may be “old school”, and time intensive to commit to a network group – yet year after year our members tell us we are the best network to be a part of.

We passionately believe that when people network with helping and curious, learning mindset – then the Business done is much more equitable, honest and sustainable.

In these times where it seems no one can be trusted (I promise – this is not turning into a political post) other than the inner circle of confidants you are part of – how does one go about building that inner circle of confidants and trusted partners?

That’s where being a quality Network that learns, helps and is open really counts.

According to those members that have been with us over 9 years – they keep coming back because – where else would they go?

With our Network they can plug into a quality network full of not only potential suppliers, but collaborators, and people who are happy to share time, expertise and ideas.

But – it’s as impressive to us that those people that have just recently joined us in the last 12-24 months – that they have been amazed – for such an established group – how helpful and welcoming all our members are.

That’s because we all remember our “roots.”

Those fortunate enough to have grown and developed their Business with us know the importance of giving back and remembering what it is like starting out. Likewise, larger Businesses in the area that are integrated through “want” into the local Business community do so even though they may operate Nationally or Globally. With around 1500 people visiting our network over those years our network goes far and wide.

So what defines our Members? What makes a someone a great fit for our group?

In my view you could cut them in half and they would have the following as their DNA for their approach to Business:

  • Help others first
  • Open minded
  • Curious
  • Connect others selflessly
  • Always learning, exploring, expanding
  • Innovation first
  • Adaptable to change
  • Relaxed and at ease with them selves, with others
  • Creative

We are blessed with such a positive, can do, ambitious and grounded group of Members – and as we approach our 9th Birthday – we give thanks to all of them, past, present and future – for investing in the Network that works!

We also look forward to the coming year with vigour, determination and Focus on ensuring we serve their needs and aspirations for growth.

Please get in touch if you would like our guide to Networking The Business Network way. Or if you want to attend an event where NO hard sell is required, just the simple philosophy of building mutually beneficial relationships “face to face” once a month – then please get in touch.

And if you are still nervous about Networking as you think its just not for you,  then just take a look at our video, created by Richard Knew of Knew Productions! It brings to life just how we run our events and gives insights as to why our members come back again and again!



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