Police warn motorists not to be distracted by “Bethesda Dragon”

A giant dragon carved out of a fallen tree has caused traffic chaos in north Wales as motorists slow down or stop to get a glimpse.

North Wales Police say there has been one accident and “numerous” near misses and warned drivers not to get distracted by the sculpture.

The 25 ft tall dragon looms out of foliage and trees on the A5 near Tregarth and has a 12 ft wingspan.

It was carved out of a fallen oak tree by Wrexham-based sculptor Simon O’Rourke who was commissioned by the property owners. It took him a week to carve the sculpture with a chainsaw which is called Y Ddraig Dderw (The Oak Dragon).

He says he has been “bowled over” at the response to his work: “I’m just glad people like it.”

In a post on their Facebook page, North Wales Police said they “love” the dragon but are concerned about the impact it is having on road safety.

They say the section of narrow road requires the drivers “full concentration” and recommend motorists find somewhere safe to park and stop to view it.


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