The Business Network Chester – 5 Golden rules for quality 121’s when networking

5 Golden networking rules for a quality 121 that moves you from Know to Like to Trust.

We strive constantly to encourage our members to have regular 121 meetings with the members and visitors they meet.


Because we passionately believe they are fundamental to developing our sacred mantra of “Know Like Trust”

However good our events are – you simply cannot get beyond a superficial “Like” from spending just a few minutes with someone.

We meet with every member when they join us and upon renewal to hold a detailed “one way” 121. By “1 way” we mean that is where we are there, actively listening, curious, and interested in what our members are about. Their past, their future aspirations, and sometimes what is keeping them awake at night.

Those that are honest and open with us get the maximum support form us – as thats what we are here for. We LOVE it when members in the Network are demanding, focused and have clarity on what they are striving for.

 So Рwe thought we would share our 5 golden tips for having a quality 121 meeting Рtry them next time you follow up after networking and see how it goes!

  1. Listen with intent. Deep listening – where you silence the chimps that are bouncing around in your head Going “what am I going to ask/tell them next?” The art of being a good listener is to do exactly that – LISTEN!
  2. Be curious – ask OPEN questions. Dig into the past – What brought them to where they are now? What does the future hold? Who do they want to be connected with? Who is their favourite type of client/customer? Who is their worst? How can you help them? Know this info is essential to being able to then help them – immediately by connecting them with helpful people, and in the future when someone may just need their products or services.
  3.  Interests Рwhat makes them tick? What gets them out of bed in the morning? And likewise what do they really hate? Finding the sweet spots and sources of annoyance can bring about understanding and insight into what makes them tick.
  4. Be Honest – if you find you have little in common – be honest – yet also – be mindful that although you may not be in a great position to directly help – keep them on your radar – just in case.
  5. Share something of yourself – Member 121 meetings should be a 2 way dialogue – and the sharing of experience member to member is invaluable. Do not dismiss you experience, expertise or knowledge – as no-one knows what you know. We are all complex unique individuals – even if we are an accountant! So make sure you share something that makes you memorable to the other person – a hobbie, accomplishment, need for help – whatever it is – be real be authentic and be you!

So – let us know how these tips help you with your 121’s – and if you want further advice get in touch for a list of our “Killer” questions for a 121 meeting!

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