The Business Network Chester – Like to meets!

Like to meets – we need these suppliers in our Network!

We work heard every day on behalf of our members to attract the Types of Companies they want to purchase services and products from!

Yes – we are a network that is about buying and investing in our Businesses, people and infrastructure- be it Physical environment, IT systems, Marketing – you name it – we need it!

So when we publish our “Like to meets” we do it on a basis of demand in the group!

A list of who our members need services from























However – this is no blanket invite for people to just visit with a purchase order book! Our Members are committed to the network, and want to invest in companies that are equally willing and able to commit to the network.

So what does committing mean?

Well as an absolute minimum – joining us as a member. Our Members will only do business with people they KNOW – LIKE and TRUST. And that takes time. So even if you are a match made in heaven – they will want to see that you are here for the “greater good” of the Network and its members.

Having the right positive, proactive and helping mindset is critical to success.

When a group has our scale, and attitude to time that means we meet once a month, with 121 meetings the difference that makes the difference to developing your network, it can take well over a year JUST to be seated with everyone! Any short term view on “Wham BAM Thank you MAM” is not going to cut it with our Network Members.

So do you have what it takes to be an active Member of our Network??

We simply ask that people that visit with an open mind and No HARD SELL!

Here are our top tips for making the best first impression in our network – and how to ensure you do not panic into being anything other than just yourself!

  1. Breath and smile! Simple be relaxed with no expectations! Our Members were in your shoes once – nervous, maybe anxious even, feeling shy as if you would never get to know everyone. Well we network only once a month, and you will be sat with between 6-8 people each event. So it does not take an accountant to work out with around 100 members at any one time – its going to take well over 12 months to meet everyone!
  2. Bring Business Cards. Yep – they are important as how else will people remember you? Yes we share a table seating plan after each networking event – BUT we also request that people do NOT email the list – ONLY those that you have met.
  3. Wear what is comfy for you – and if that means squeezing us into your working day – and you wear branded work gear – wear it! We are not a stuffy suited and booted network – although some do wear suits – me I like to wear a dress as the other days of the month I’m either meeting members, or on the side of a netball court- 2 netball mad daughters!!
  4. LISTEN. just LISTEN. We so often meet people who have that monkey mind chatter in their head – that stops them listening to what people say and goes wandering off thinking “what do I say next?” What PRESSURE! Relax, listen – really deeply listen – and do you know what – the conversation will be natural and when we listen we make the other person feel like they are the center of the universe – and why would we not want our potential customers, collaborators or referral partners feel like that?
  5. Follow up! Now – this does not mean email blast everyone with a box standard – this is what we do, please buy from us email. No – its about taking the time to follow up – ideally having agreed a place and time to have a 121. If not that then just to say how nice it was to meet, and to clarify what they are looking for in terms of contacts, whilst reconfirming who you would like in your network.
  6. Think WIN -WIN and help. Be a helper. That’s what networking REALLY is. If we all just helped each other – imagine the opportunities it would unleash. And we know as if by magic that when people have a helping mindset they are bestowed with network connections that just keep on giving and giving.

So – if you make it onto our list why not come and visit – we have customers waiting for you!

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