Why February is a great Month to network!

As we are only just a week away from our next event on the 14th February at The Chester Grosvenor, It seemed a great time to Stop, Pause and Think – why would anyone Network on Valentines day?

Well – that’s an easy answer for us – as its been said that we are Cupids for Business! We are armed with Bows and Arrows every month, waiting to make those vital connections on behalf of our members.

Like perfect match makers – OR Business Angels,  we leave nothing to chance. Every event is planned with precision to ensure that

  • People are sat with at least 2-3 people they can collaborate with, refer to, or share their connections and “little black books” about similar clients, sectors and industries.
  • People are never sat with competitors
  • There is a great gender mix, age mix and diversity at the table
  • There is a table host to facilitate conversations, unearth deeper connections, points of difference and alignment
  • Member seating requests are managed – to re connect, to get an introduction, to just catch up with a friend
  • Our Visitors are well looked after, and benefit from the wealth of knowledge we have
  • And the odd curved ball – because we know Mr X’s Aunt Sallie is the perfect connection for MS Y’s Business!

We know that our members, new and founder, benefit hugely from our “Network Magic” – and we know when people leave and they tell us “I had a great table” our arrows have landed exactly where we intended!

So – that is why we network with such passion, fun, and excitement in February – so why not join us?





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