Chester business network –Helping SME’s, MD’s and Directors in Cheshire achieve growth by networking with quality customers & suppliers


When: 19th March 2020

Educational seminar 10.00-11.30

Business networking event 11.30am-2.00pm

Where: The Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, Cheshire

Our Unique Philosophy for Business Networking Chester

The Business Network Chester holds a guiding philosophy for our Business Networking group; when relationships are based on a principle of “Know, Like, Trust” relationships are more sustainable, equitable ethical and productive for all. Our Business Network members have a unique perspective for success; they join us to learn, collaborate, innovate and help each other – together to gain successful outcomes for all their clients and customers.

The very best way to understand how The Business Network Chester can help you and the Business community in Chester and Cheshire is to attend one of our Business Networking events.

What makes The Chester Business Network  different?

We know that 98% of people hate attending Business networking events.

That’s why we leave nothing to chance for our members that like to do their Business Networking in Cheshire.

Every Business Networking event guarantees a  warm welcome and quality business connections. We spend 3-4 days planning the business networking tables ahead of every business networking event. Our sophisticated seating planning software mixed with the time we spend getting to know members that makes us unique and ensures that YOU are meeting the best connections for YOu at our business networking events.

Although we have around 100 members in our Business Network group here in Chester, and attract Businesses from all over Cheshire, North Wales, The Wirral and Wrexham.

We also operate a strict 5% maximum for any category – which means our business networking group is diverse and membership of our group highly sought after, with wait lists in many categories.

We also guarantee that competitors will never sit on the same table at our Chester Business Networking events and seating requests from members, along with our member insights, and network magic are woven into the business network event seating plan.

We ensure each attending Company can meet the companies and types of Business they want to meet at our Business Network events – be it to buy as well as “sell” – but many of our most successful members don’t “sell” – they solve problems for friends, contacts and business acquaintances  that have built up a strong relationship through attending our business networking events based on “Know like trust”.

That’s our guiding philosophy – when we know, like and In TIME learn to trust people – Business is more sustainable, more ethical and importantly much more fun!

Imagine – a Business networking group of around 100 trusted diverse Businesses to meet with once a month – that’s at least 50.000 connections waiting to be made – ONCE you have built trust and rapport with our fellow members.

So, are our Chester Business Network events any good ?

Well, we’re always going to answer “YES”. You are going to have to refer to a more impartial source; our members. Over 60% of our members have been with us since 2010 launch in Chester.

Why not just come along to a Business Networking events here in Chester?  Our Business network members will answer your questions, learn how they can help, maybe even be able to make a referral to a great collaboration, supplier or potential customer.

Come join us and see for yourself the power of this Business networking group here in Chester – serving businesses across Cheshire, North Wales, Wrexham and The Wirral.

Come and Visit The Network that works for you.

When you think of attending a Business Networking event – which of these best describes you?

  • It would not happen – I hate the thought of attending business networking events?
  • I hate walking into a room of strangers?
  • It’s only ever about Hard sell – why would I do that?
  • I’ve given up on business networking events because I never meet REAL decision makers that have authority to buy?
  • The referrals are meaningless – they are just fake to tick a box.
  • Actually I’m a seasoned WEEKLY business networker – but I’m thinking it’s time to take the next step and join a Business Networking Group that provides access to bigger, better quality Businesses
  • I want to grow my business but need to meet genuine honest trustworthy and encouraging people to share ideas, problems, solutions.
  • I need some quality local reliable suppliers and fast.
  • I’ve just left  a Corporate role to get back some autonomy and freedom in my life. So I’m trying to establish my own Business- and want to connect with others that have trodden that same path.
  • Then maybe our network is right for you?