20% off legal fees with Hillyer McKeown Solicitors

20% off legal fees with Hillyer McKeown Solicitors

Talking about family affairs can be tricky. Including getting your ‘legals’ sorted. While a tricky conversation to have, making a Will can protect your loved ones for years to come, including those who depend on you (even your pets). When you sort things out, you are doing it for them and your own peace of mind – which can be more affordable than you think.


If this is something you’ve thought about but not yet got around to, until 30th April 2021 Hillyer McKeown Solicitors is offering a 20% reduction on legal fees for any new Wills.


Have a free, no-obligation chat with HM’s friendly team to look at your options. Covid-19 safe appointments are usually booked within 2-3 days, and drafting a Will can take less than 2 weeks.

Contact enquiries@law.uk.com or call 01244 318 131.

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