6 Benefits of Unified Communications

Time is money and when it comes to running a business, communication is crucial to success. With so many forms of communications and platforms out there, have you got the right products to help you run your business? Here we look at what is unified communications and how businesses can benefit.

Unified communications refers to a group of communications systems that work together intuitively using common interfaces. In the early days unified communications was primarily telephone-based systems which included interoffice lines, voicemail boxes and call control. However, with the popularity of high-speed internet as part of business operations, the requirements of unified communications have changed. Today’s modern communications systems work in real and non-real-time, require unified communications to be flexible and reliable. Instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data exchange, presence notifications have become important parts of real-time customer service, mobile device technology, collaboration tools, and consumer chat services. Non-real-time systems such as email and fax data are also components of a functional unified communications setup.

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