The Business Network Chester – May 16th event – The Power of Financial Planning for Women, for all

May 16th Seminar at The Business Network Chester event lead by Carla Brown of Oakmere Wealth management. Women and Finance!


We are delighted to welcome long standing Business Network Chester Member Carla Brown to Host our 16th may seminar.

We also make no apology for targeting a specific part of our Network – and society – Women and Finance!

Through talking with Female Members of the Network – there was a sense that they wanted, and needed a seminar delivered by a Women, for Women, to discuss the pitfalls and traps we can find ourselves in – due to Gender Pay Gaps, Due to maternity, or parental leave, due to taking Part time work to care for others – or even divorce and bereavement.

Juggling work and Life is tough – and as a result we sometimes take our eyes off the ball when it comes to our own Financial security.

So – With Carla’s help we will be sense checking where we are now – whatever our situation, and assessing what we can do NOW to take control of our own destiny

The Business Network Chester Seminar

Most people seek financial advice and support when they are faced with a life change.

For some the change is sudden, for others it is more measured. Do any of these situations sound family to you:

  • You may be suddenly at home with a baby or children and wondering how you will ever make up “the Pension Gap” through being a good parent.
  • You may be part of the sandwich generation – supporting your own family as well as elderly parents – or a bereaved parent who ha little or no financial acumen.
  • You may be facing loss or redundancy, approaching retirement or wondering how to handle later life care.
  • You may just need more control of your pensions and investments, ensuring they are working effectively.

So, ask yourself,  do you worry about money?

  • Do you want to put together a financial plan but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have responsibility for Estates for others – and know not what to do for the best?
  • Do you have a plan but struggle to follow it?
  • If any of these apply, then this seminar is for you.


About the Presenter (s)


Carla is founder and managing Director of Oakmere Wealth Management based in Cheshire. With over 23 years experience in financial planning, the recent winner of two national financial planning awards and contributor to national trade magazines she has a wealth of experience in helping clients achieve their life goals and living a life free from money worries.


Content –  


  • How will members benefit? To understand how financial planning can help them achieve the life they want.
  • What will they learn? Learn how to live a life free from money worries and be in control of their finances.
  • How can they apply it to their Business? They can learn how their business can form part of their financial plan and help support it.


To attend Please book your place at The Business Network Chester event on 16th May at The Chester Grosvenor.

Use the Business network Chester Booking link HERE or simple press the Big button that says BOOK.

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