April 7th Seminar – Come and listen to Our mini Ted Talks

I’d rather die than present for an hour at a seminar!

One of the frustrations and difficulties we face as leaders of the Business Network Chester is persuading some members to host a seminar.

At one of our recent business networking seminars Ray from Libertas Wealth management admitted he would like to speak but could not imagine taking a whole hours slot.

Hence our “Min TED Talks” idea was born!

Our TED Talk seminar – who will we hear from?

As a first kick off session, you will hear from 3 or 4 long standing members – who will share their insights and perspectives on a random and eclectic mix of topics.

From “What the hell is cryptocurrency” to “The best Wines in the world and why”, to “How sailing is a metaphor for money and life” you are in for a smorgasbord of interesting and thought provoking topics.

Who are our TED Talk Speakers at this seminar?

Our speakers are

  • Mike Maloney of Maloney IT – and Mike is a Crypto tech nut. He will share a talk on Crypto currency – a noddies guide – so you might have heard of Bitcoin, NFT.s, XRP or Elon Musks favourite Doge Coin –  but what is crypto?
  • Sam Jackson of Chester Beer and Wine will be telling us all about the wines we should be drinking and why – along with how the best wines can be the prefect match to any occasion – weddings, private parties or even your own cellar.
  • Ray from Libertas, a recently qualified “Competent crew” sailor will share his views on the parallels between these 2 worlds of Sailing and money. You have a vessel, you have ever changing conditions, a start point and destination – with unseen and hidden dangers – so  – Gold and pieces of 8 might sink a boat – but could Gold and silver be the lifeline to todays financial environment?

Come and join us and listen to 3 fantastic experts in their field give interesting and thought provoking talks on their chosen topics!

To book call Tracy using the link below – or email Tracy@business-network.co.uk.

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