April Seminar details

About our seminar presenter

Lou Crane from Overbyte interactive has been passionately helping businesses migrate from
generic systems that just aren’t good enough, to bespoke software;  saving time, costs, errors, duplication and inaccuracies.

Brief Synopsis 

A workshop to illustrate how we take a business from spread sheets and chaotic systems to centralised, clever software that ultimately gives you the freedom to focus on the exciting bits of your business.

How will members benefit?

Attendees will learn about how to organise themselves and their teams and their Business, so that
they’ll go away with a clear approach that will empower them to talk with developers.

What will they learn?

Attendees will understand software’s place in their company – the why, what, how, when and who and be able to assess how that is – or is not – working effectively for them.

How can they apply it to their Business?

Through the analogy of ‘how to make a cup of tea’ attendees will learn how to put together a vision plan for the software they need.

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