Are you scared of the numbers in your Business? Then this seminar is for you.

Are you one of many Business owners that shy away from the “numbers” because you are too scared of the numbers to look?

  • Sit baffled at the thought of how to read a P&L, balance sheet?
  • Wondering what metrics and measures you should look at AND understand to make critical business decisions?
  • Simply look at the bank balance at the end of the month to assess “are we doing OK?”
  • Waiting for year end accounts before knowing if you have made “profit?”

Then this educational seminar is for you!

It is universally recognised that many business owners are highly commercial beings, but how financially aware are they ?

If you are scared of the numbers, then you need to join us – armed with you last set of accounts, to demystify what they mean.

This business networking educational seminar will explore and develop your understanding around key financial / accounting concepts.

Your seminar presenter – Barry Roberts of Roberts Development solutions.

Barry Roberts has helped many local businesses achieve fantastic growth through his numbers focussed approach. As a fully qualified chartered accountant with over 25 years experience of helping and advising all types of businesses throughout Mold, Ruthin, Deeside, Chester and the rest of North Wales. Barry has an exemplary track record of  implement growth strategies as well as acting as Financial Director to help Businesses with raising finance and putting together a business plan. 

So come and join us at this seminar and business networking event and make sure you stop being scared of the numbers – and get them working for you and your Business.

So how can we stop being scared of the numbers?


Face up to them and learn!

Barry will help us see how we can eliminate the notion of being scared of the numbers, and make it easy to understand;

In this seminar Barry will cover:

  1. The Difference between Markup And Gross & Net Margin ?
    • What are they ?
    • How are they calculated ?
    • How Important are they ?
  2. Gross Contribution
    • What is it ?
    • Is it always necessary / important to sell at “full profit” pricing ? Not Always & I’ll explain why in what circumstances its not necessary
  3. Costing Models
    • Standard Pricing – what is it & why remains relevant
    • Activity Based Costing – a deep dive into your business cost drivers – is it worth the effort ?
  4. Accounting Ratios
    • There are hundreds of accounting ratios, but to better understand key ones like
    • Days Sales Outstanding
    • Creditor Days
    • Stock Turn
    • Sales Variances – especially Price and Volume Variances
    • Why are any of these Ratios important – who’s using them and why ?
  5. Capital Structure
    • Have you got enough funding for Working Capital in your business
    • Matching the need with the Right Funding Solution
    • Overtrading – what is it & how to spot it & avoid it

So we have heaps to go through – so this interactive seminar will ensure that you leave not scared of the numbers – but empowered to ask questions and direct your business. And if you are still “scared of the numbers” then Barry is here to help!

To reserve your place at this critical educational seminar then please schedule a call to chat to Tracy and we can then get you a personalised booking link!

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