B2C networking – everyone is a consumer – right?

B2C networking – Think eBay and Facebook is the only way to sell to consumers? Think again!

We have many different B2B and B2C businesses in our business networking group that sell products and services to consumers as well as Businesses.

How can this be?

Well take for example our award winning member “The Skinologist.” Fiona joins us at the network to not only promote her skin wellbeing practice but also to procure business support services like her accountant, web design team and also expertise in packaging and product development.

Likewise, Sam at Chester Beer and wine not only has her treasure trove of a shop in Handbridge but also provides corproate tasting events, and teambuilding events as well as taps into the expertise in the network to support her Business – from Google ads, to structural knowledge support to repair leaky roofs!

So what B2C networking opportunities are there in our group? Who do we need that has a Commercial and Consumer market?

Well we would love to welcome visitors from the following B2C businesses to join us at a future event.

So if you are in any of these B2C sectors – please get in touch and visit!

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Nutritional therapist
  • Care providers
  • Wedding organisers
  • Windows/conservatories/orangeries/garden rooms
  • Cleaning companies

PLUS – because we like to offer choice – even if we already may have a B2C member, by virtue of our special seating planning approach ahead of every event you would not be sat with a B2C competitor but with a cross section of diverse business leaders who may well be your next best client, referral partner or supplier.

If you thought B2C networking was not for you think again!

To book a call and lean more about how we can help you and for us to learn about you – press the button below!

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