Boundaries and online business networking groups.

Boundaries and online business networking groups.

Boundaries and Business Networking groups – what can we learn?

There has been quite a lot of debate in our business networking groups about the different experiences and perspectives people have faced through lock down.

Some have “had precious time” – at home, no commute, maybe paid to stay home, time with family to enjoy the magnificent weather we have had.

Some have had to watch loved ones leave day in day out to care or service others wondering is today is the day they test positive.

Some have been working 20 hours a day to save their business.

We have all had such different experiences…..and now – we face more differences – we all have completely different perspectives on what lies ahead now that restrictions are easing.

  • I guarantee people will surprise you.
  • I guarantee people will shock you.
  • I guarantee people will disappoint you.
  • I guarantee some will be utterly oblivious to what is going on in your world.

Fortunately in our business networking groups we seem to attract people that are of a similar mentality – and even where their are differences – people with show empathy and understanding over judgement or criticism – which is what makes our business networking group so strong.

What can you do to manage boundaries?

Please remember this.

  • You can’t change people.
  • You can’t control people.
  • You can’t expect everyone to do things your way.
  • You can however set healthy personal boundaries that serve YOU and your situation.

People that go to business networking events often understand etiquette and the boundaries – sadly those that don’t network seem to have no filter and no respect for boundaries – this is a critical difference to manage! Thank goodness our business networking groups get it!

What do healthy boundaries look like in Business Networking groups?

Well – in stopping to set or reset boundaries I guarantee you will meet anger, challenge and push back.

Some people will not like them. They will ridicule them, they may challenge them, they may even completely disregard them.

BUT that says more about them and their respect (or not) for you – than it says about you.

So take a moment to think about what boundaries you may need to set – or reset to strengthen your position with others and protect your energy, integrity and health.

How are your business networking groups supporting you? Aligning with your values? Respecting your boundaries?

We are working hard to support our members through these times and helping them work with new boundaries and set boundaries with customers, clients and suppliers is a constant piece of work.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available for setting boundaries such as this article on Positive Psychology  which has a number of pdf and exercises you can complete. In addition – a number of our Coaching and training members in our business network group are able to listen, coach and guide you to make changes to protect you. If all else fails a quick call with Tracy can help switch them onto a positive path back in synch with their boundaries.

Healthy boundaries – like a healthy business network group will be focused on a number of aspects

  1. Your values
  2. Your situation
  3. Your time
  4. Your energy
  5. Your emotion

We attract many members to our Business networking groups who love what we stand for.

  1. Values – We suit their current situation –
  2. Situation – be it they are a start up, established, wanting to grow or diversify
  3. Time – We only meet once a month – at lunch – which compared to 6am starts is attractive!
  4. Energy – We are uplifting, high energy and work for members – we do not expect them to lead the events, the membership – that’s our job!
  5. Emotion – We hopefully read respond and adapt to their many emotions – as life is a journey – right? So yes we uplift – but we also empathise, adapt and connect as the member desires.

Please get in touch with our Business networking groups if you would like a quality connection to someone that can help craft your boundaries with you.

Or of course simply book to join us at one of our online business networking events.


Or book a call and we can chat and learn more about you and how we can help.

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