Business Network event- Kicking off 2022 in style!

Business Network event – what a way to say Hello to 2022!

Howdie! Bonjour! Haia!

We had a bumper event to kick start 2022 with nearly 60 splendid ambitious and exciting business leaders joining us for our Jan 13th business networking event.

After much catching up about festive frolics we got down to the serious business of forming quality connections and maximising learning at our business networking event.

With around 15 booked to attend out educational seminar at our business networking event our seminar attendees were in for a treat.

Our resident Brand not Bland guru Phil Strachan shared his 30plus years of experience to our business network event seminar attendees – who were blown away by his skill at sharing huge knowledge about branding – without showing a single logo or brand logo!

Main Business Networking event

Our other members and guests then arrived at 11.30 for open networking over reception drinks. The buzz and energy at the open part of our business networking event was a joy to behold – with people happily mingling, connecting, listening, learning and helping – which is exactly what our business networking event is all about.

At 12 (ish!) we then made our way to our strategically and purposely planned tables. Ahead of every business networking event we take 3 to 4 days to craft our tables so that every one has the perfect mix of

  • Members requests – where they ask “I need a XYZ, can you sit me with one from the network?”
  • Visitor synergies – where a new visitor may have mentioned an area they need help with – say a new website, or where they need to collaborate with other trades – say an architect with a builder
  • Where hidden talents and treasure and hobbies could be a way to connect members and add another dimension to their business networking event
  • Where life situations and challenges make for common experiences and the chance for shared learning.
  • Where Tracy thinks there could be network magic waiting to be discovered!

Whatever the reason every table has an experienced table host who will help secure and facilitate the conversations to ensure that everyone is included, is connected and has a chance to speak, ask questions and make the most of the business networking event.

Celebrating success at the business networking event

After a solid hour of promoting your business and learning about others we ten celebrate successes in the business network – testimonials and thanks yous, news of awards that have been won, business gained through referrals in the network – and set the scene for further business networking events that lie head – socially like our exciting wine tasting nights from Chester beer and wine, to future business networking events.

Wrapping up our business networking event!

Every event is closed officially with a thought for the month ahead – but whilst some may make a quick exits others stay and have 121’s or simply enjoy the new found connections at the business networking event. Some are making all important 121 follow up meetings, others are simply exploring how they can help each other.

Whatever the timing the connection – everyone leaves out business networking event buoyed, lifted and positive ready to seize the opportunities presented at the business networking event.

Best of all – its all done in a way that allows you to simply be you – no airs, no graces, no fakery – just real honest conversations!

So – if you like the sound of how we operate our business networking event – why not join us next time – 9th February 2022!


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