Business Networking and testimonials

The power of testimonials when business networking.

We have enjoyed a bountiful crop of testimonials and Thank you’s at our Kick off business networking event in Chester this month.

We were spoilt with the variety of testimonials, and it was clear that the Members are really engaged in looking beyond the obvious when it comes to networking and are seeking opportunities to share good news stories.

One such networking fabulous story was from Lisa barnes of the wonderful Emmie B interiors.

Lisa rang to see if it was “OK” to do a shout out for a mutual Business owner that she – and Seminar presenter, Digital Mastery expert Clare Moorhouse knew.

Lisa was just so impressed at the work that Clare had been doing for their mutual contact she felt she had to share it.

Lisa and her contact said

“I joined the gym about 8 or 9 months ago and work was just being started by Clare from Moorhouse digital, I wasn’t aware that Clare was a member of the gym so it was a nice surprise to see her. Over the months Mike the owner of Ultimate Fitness Cheshire was constantly praising Clare saying he would not be where he was if it wasn’t for Clare, the members are coming in thick and fast and he gives full credit of that to Clare. Only the other day he put a message out on the group chat saying that if it wasn’t for Clare he would be eating beans out of the tin! I asked him if he would mind me giving a testimonial on behalf of him and here is what he said:

In 8 months of working with Clare Moorhouse my business has quadrupled in size, as well as delivering outstanding results she is incredibly supportive, very motivating and a joy to be around during meetings. I really can’t recommend her enough.”

Business Networking and testimonials – who can you Thank?

Its the easiest thing in the world to give appreciation and recognition to others for a job well done – and yet sometimes even if we think it – we do not always move to action on it.

When having my 121 meetings with members of The Business network Chester it amazes me the stories of collaboration and work done together that get revealed – and yet people seem reticent to share!

So here are our top tips for creating a short, smart testimonial.

  1. Diarise 30 mins the first Friday of every month to think about, write and send a thank you.
  2. Write down who has helped me this month in my network?
  3. Think about what they have done to help you – provided a service? a connection? a referral? good advice?
  4. Capture the essence of what they did, how they did it, and the benefit it has had on you.
  5. Send it to tracy and Hayley
  6. We will announce it at the event – AND share it with our online Business network – thereby promoting YOU and THEM!

AND – if you struggle to do this – flip it and think about who you have helped. Thank them for the opportunity – and usually – when we help others – its just a metter of time that the help shared – is then received.

We have so many testimonials and thank you’s to share – we will do so regularly going forward – our challenge is knowing the best way to do so – so if you have any ideas about how we best celebrate the successes with have in our Business networking group in Chester – please get in touch.

If you like what you read and want to be a part of this amazing Business Networking group, and are a business in or around Chester, Wrexham, Flintshire, Cheshire or Wirral – then get in touch!

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