Business networking as it should be – face to face!

Back in the room Business Networking!

It felt amazing to be back with almost 50 networkers at our business networking event in September.

With numbers growing 20% month on month we are the business network primed to support, connect and grow your business and your network.

Many of our members that have ridden out the storm of the last 18 months have stronger, leaner, adaptable and creative businesses – transforming them into powerhouses ready to really get motoring towards their long term goals.

So – how has your business network served you of late?

  • Are your growing?
  • Are you supported?
  • Can you call on fellow network contacts to help?
  • Does your network deliver quality, meaningful leads?
  • How often can you share expertise and knowledge to help others?
  • Who has your back?

Business networking – or business “netpaining”?

So often visitors to our network think they are the problem – because they think they cant network.

In reality they just have not found their business networking tribe.

So – does your business networking tribe make you feel

  • Frustrated? I never get quality leads from my business networking group/events
  • Excluded – its all a bit of a clique/old boys network?
  • Worried – spending time and money on business networking for no return?
  • Underwhelmed – I just don’t meet decision makers or people that want to do business on anything else other than price?
  • Like giving up – I just can’t do this business networking as its all about hard sell.


If you are scratching your head thinking – I have lots of contacts – but no meaningful connections, no support network, and referrals that fizzle into nothingness – then maybe its time to try our business networking group out?

To elevate your business networking – join us at a future business networking event – or call Tracy and see how we can help?



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