Business Networking – be more dog!

What can we learn from our canine friends when it comes to Business networking?

Over the half term holiday my mum came to stay with her little pet Jackchi dog, Minor.

Despite the rain we did manage to get out for some walks I what I noticed was how curious all dogs are.

They take in all of their surroundings through sight, sounds –  and of course smell! But the most surprising thing was how they would engage with any other dog that they came across!

Now (dare I say) my mum’s dog being tiny in stature definitely has small man syndrome and would bark and yell and chase any other dog regardless of their size.

On one hand you could argue that that is a form of real hard sell which we do not condone at our business networking events!

Yet on the other hand they were clearly not bothered whether the other dog engaged with them or not – and it got me thinking about what might go on in our minds when we are at a business networking event.

  • Do we self limit who we go and approach at Business networking events because we imagine that they are bigger, better, more confident or more established than we are in business or even as business networking?


  • Do we diminish our sense of self when we have these mind gremlins hopping round in our heads – and therefore limit the opportunities in front of us?


  • Do we stand aloof and judge people that may not be as experienced or established or not yet have our scale


  • Like Minor – Do we chase round after every single person thinking the more people we meet the better and not working experience will be?

Business Networking mindset – Curiosity Killed the cat – BUT not the dog!

There is no doubting Minors ability to get in front of every other canine creatures. He was insatiable!

Minor was the equivalent of a new person attending our business networking event and being so overwhelmed with the volume and quality of people at a business networking event – That they tell themselves they had to make the most of the opportunity and throw out their business cards to everyone in the room and expect to do business with everyone in the room.

Guess what – that just does not work at our Business networking events! Fortunately those types of networkers do not tend to visit our group – they sometimes sneak in BUT – we usually spot them at work!

  • The best business networkers – and dogs – are those that are curious and are open to making new connections without any pre judgement about where they may lead.
  • The best business networkers are those that listen learn and ask great questions of the people that they are meeting at business networking events.
  • The best business networkers  are those that are open minded judgement free and never dismiss anyone else as they understand the golden rule.

Whats the golden rule you ask?

The Business networking Golden rule

The absolute golden rule of business networking is to never ever be dismissive of anyone else – how do you just do not know who that person knows.

They could turn up looking scruffy – maybe even unkempt (judgement alert!) but they could be a millionaire in disguise running a large SME business who happens to like to go to business networking events in cognito so to speak.

They could be a completely new start up just venturing out into the world of business networking having taken redundancy or returning from a career break – yet in their past – their background companies, sectors and other connections could be a goldmine for you.


This this is where when attending business networking events you need to be “more dog”

Be more like Minor,  be curious, be open to meeting new people experiencing new places trying new business networking groups.

BUT – never be dismissing or judge a dog by its cover!

Business networking – searching and seeing opportunities

Many dogs have working roles – where they either help the blind or deaf, or are search and rescue animals.

Either way they have a single purpose to help people – and once again – this is a perfect dog persona for a Business owner to adopt when Business networking .

I passionately believe that when we reach other and HELP people – rather than hard sell at them – Business will come flooding back – as who would not want to repay you?

While we should always be looking for opportunities for ourselves, the best business networking events have an STRONG ethos where you have got a beady eye and ear on seeking, searching and looking out for opportunities for others.

Whats your dog Business Networking type?

So – If you fancy being “more dog” with your business networking then why not get in touch?

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