Business Networking Cheshire – what is deep listening?

 Business Networking Cheshire – Our deep listening research.

What is deep listening – and why is it so important a skill when Business Networking in Cheshire?

Deep listening is

“being genuinely curious about someone else, with a strong desire to understand fully their business, aspirations and past.”

It’s about connecting to them as an individual and establishing trust.

As we know at The Business Networking Cheshire events, listening and building trust are completely intertwined and interdependent.

So how do we become “deep listeners – and in turn much better Cheshire business networkers?

In our  Business networking Cheshire group we have studied what it is our long standing members do when holding 121 business networking meetings, or attending out business networking Cheshire events – here are our findings.

Deep listening – Business networking Cheshire findings.

Below, after some interesting and insightful observations about the approach our business network Cheshire members take when at our business networking Cheshire meetings, or at their 121 meetings after our event.

This is what they do – why not try this when you next attend a Business networking Cheshire event – OR when you have those essential 121 business networking meetings.

Meet Bob and Jenny.

Bob and Jenny are having their 121 business networking meeting – after meeting at a business networking Cheshire event.

  1. Jenny is invited to speak first. Jenny explains about her Business, her past, her plans for the future– and who are good connections for her. Bob, pays FULL attention to Jenny’s body language, he look into Jenny’s eyes when she’s speaking – and Bob takes some notes.
  2. Bob LISTENS without interruption, Bob SHUTS DOWN ANY INNER judgements, ideas and solutions – and instead makes a note if something really is a light bulb for later, or he has a question to further his understanding.
  3. When Jenny finishes what she has to say, Bob then summarises the core of what has been heard and plays it back to Jenny. This is to sense check Bob has understood correctly what Jenny has shared.
  4. Jenny then is asked by Bob if she agrees with his summary. If not, Bob asks Jenny to explain further and clarify so that Bob can deepen his understanding.|This process continues until Jenny says “Yes – you understand”
  5. At this point,  switch. Take steps 1-5 with Bob speaking and Jenny understanding – once again until Bob gives a resounding “Yes”
  6. NOW – Jenny and Bob understand each other fully, they are ready to explore how they can best help each other – through sharing connections, introductions and even direct business together.

Deep listening is not about trying to change others, or evaluate others – its about just want to understand others at a deep level.

Once we have this understanding – then our Business networking relationships will take on a whole new level based on trust, empathy, understanding and genuine curiosity and appreciation.

Next steps – practice Deep listening at a business networking Cheshire event.

So why not try this approach when you next attend a Business networking Cheshire event?

If this approach sounds like a breath of fresh air – where people actively listen and are curious to learn and see how they can help – you are in the right place to get in touch.

We would love to speak to you by phone to listen and learn how we can help!

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