Business networking event Seminar – Want to grow 6 times faster than organic growth?

 Business networking event Seminar- Is Franchising right for your Business?

Want to know how to grow times faster than organic growth?

Then this Business networking event Seminar  for  Cheshire businesses is for you.

We have a wide range of Business members across Cheshire with really diverse backgrounds – which is one of the things that makes our Business Networking events in Chester so good!

One such member is Rob Dancy – from The Franchising Centre.

Rob lives and breathes Franchising, having created a successful Franchise Business for his family, he now helps others do so and has a host of successful Franchisors he supports through their phases of establishment, recruitment of Franchisees, and the all important retention of them too.

We all use a franchise business of some sort in our daily lives so actually franchising is more prevalent than we might think. From Costa, to Starbucks – you probably know and use more Franchise Businesses than you think!

So this months seminar, at our Business networking event is aimed at helping you find out how your business could grow through franchising.

In detail

Business Networking event seminar – Business Growth through Franchising principles.

Business Networking Cheshire - seminar presenter The Franchise Centre
Business Networking Cheshire – seminar presenter The Franchise Centre

Blow away the myths of franchising and be blown away by the franchised businesses we use daily and didn’t know were franchised.

Come and learn about Franchising, what a franchise really is and how it can help grow your business times faster than organic growth. 

Business Format Franchising is a great way to grow your business.

By transferring a lot of the heavy fixed costs onto the franchisee, this allows you to spend your time, getting paid, sharing your success with others and planting your brand and business system in all corners of the county or even the world.

About the Business networking event seminar presenter 

Robert grew up surrounded by franchising as the family business developed as a franchisor in the early 1990s. Oscar Pet Foods became the UK’s leading van based franchise with a network of over 100 franchisees. Roberts Career began as an Oscar franchisee at the age of 18 gaining first hand grass roots experience prior to his degree. Following graduation Robert joined helping them launch one of the UK’s first online recruitment portals. Positions in franchise recruitment, sales, marketing and business development has provided a wealth of experience over the last 20 years and Robert now thrives on helping businesses realise their growth strategy and potential through franchising working in the North West since 2008.

How will members benefit and learn?

Come and learn the real pros and cons of franchising for both a franchisee and a franchisor. You will learn about alternative business growth strategies for the now and for the future.

  • Is franchising right for your business?
  • Key considerations in developing a successful franchise operation
  • Advantages and disadvantages of franchising your business
  • What are your legal obligations & rights?

How can members apply the learning to their Business?

Franchising is about systems and processes so if you apply the principle of franchising to your business then even if you don’t franchise it, you will still add value to your business and in time give yourself more time to work on your business rather than it.

It will also allow you to sell your business for a higher value as the essence of what has created the Business (YOU) has put the work in to systemise and document processes.

Main Business Networking Event

If you think — the seminar is not for me – then just focus on attending the Main Networking event where there will be around 80 senior decision makers to Network with.

The structure of our events can be found HERE. 

We will craft the perfect table of connections for you, you have a chance to open network, and best of all – take the first step to becoming a member of our fabulous Business Networking group here in Chester.

The Benefits of membership of our Business networking events and group can be found HERE, along with Business networking member testimonials HERE.

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