Business Networking events – all about “me me me” or all about we?

PLEASE – Don’t do any of these things at business networking events!

It amazes me still to this day, after 10 years of hosting monthly Business Network events, that we still hear about horror stories where at business networking events people either

  • Go into hard sell mode
  • Don’t listen to others when they have “taken their turn” at an event (face to face or online)
  • Fake listening even though they are thinking “what shall I say next” at business networking events
  • Can’t wait to turn the conversation round to what they do – regardless of who they are sat with
  • Don’t follow up to meet – but send a “cut and paste” spam email that’s all about “This is what we do/who we want”
  • Are dismissive or people that on the face of it are “no good to them”
  • “Take take take” and never stop to think how they can help others.
  • Refer business based on ticking a box
  • “PRESENT” a network persona – not the real person.
  • Worse – refer based on a financial kick back for doing so
  • Butterfly anf flit around all the free events or just visit – never committing
  • Persist in seeking quantity over quality – seeking shallow relationships and networks rather than investing in building deep, quality, trust based relationships.

It drives me nuts! If you want to find out why – just book a call and we can chat about your experience and slay your business network demons!

Business networking events – Just do these things for networking success!

So – here are just some of the things you can start doing right now to be a great networker when attending business networking events – in person or online.

  • HELP OTHERS FIRST. It is no surprise that the old notion of “Givers gain” really does work.
  • GET TO KNOW PEOPLE. Their past gives fantastic clues as to what makes them tick. Why are they doing what they do now is one of the most expansive and enlightening questions you can ask at business networking events.
  • DON’T SELL – SHARE, LISTEN AND ASK GOOD QUESTIONS. See our post on the art of good questions here.
  • FOLLOW UP after attending business networking events – with a 121 – to learn, to get to know the person. Need help with this? Take a look at our advice for a great 121 here.
  • BUILD TRUST. The power of ANY business network is leveraging 2nd degree connections. If people Know, Like, Trust you – they are much more likely to refer and recommend you to their onward Business network connections.
  • BE A RADAR FOR OPPORTUNITIES when at business networking events. When our members act as cheerleaders for other members the business opportunities discovered and acted on are huge!
  • BE YOURSELF – BE AUTHENTIC – BE KIND. We hate airs, graces and any notion of how you think you “should act” at a business networking events- face to face or online. One thing that the current crisis has taught us all is the need for honesty, integrity and a lot of understanding and empathy when attending business networking events.

So – if your past business networking events make you feel sick to the stomach and that you “can’t ever network” – you need to come try us.

We have converted the toughest networking averse business owners ever into network nerds – we love it when the light goes on and people realise – they can “Network” they just needed to find the right tribe and seek out the best business networking events out there that have ethics at their heart.

Let us be your tribe – come try us out! Ready to find out more – and see why our business networking events really work,  either book a call or just book! Either way we will speak ahead of the event, and make sure we get you the best group of connections to help take your business network  forward.

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