Business Networking for startups

Starting your business? Our business networking for start-ups group is here to help.

At The Business Network Chester, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality environment for start-up businesses who need to develop their business network to support the growth of their business.

Connecting leading business owners, we provide a perfect approach to business networking Cheshire with business owners from across the country of Cheshire.

Business networking for start-ups can feel really lonely, scary, excited and “arrgghh” all at the same time.

We are proud as a business networking group to have helped many start-up businesses grow and thrive. Developing their business safe in the knowledge that the connections they meet at our events are high quality, trusted and ethical.

Our aim is to make business networking for start-ups accessible, productive and provide a way to fast track the growth of your business. From quality suppliers of websites, accountancy services, business advice and a supportive network, to learning from others about what to do – and as importantly what NOT to do!

Business Networking for startups

Why do start-ups attend our business networking for start-ups events? 

As a start-up embarking on your business networking journey – who do you want to meet? Who do you need to launch and develop your Business?

Business Networking for Start-ups – our philosophy!

For our members in our online business networking groups, our structured and proactive online breakout room planning process ensures that when they take the time to tell us who they want to be meeting – we take the time between the events to work really hard to attract those Chester, Cheshire, Wrexham, North Wales and Wirral based businesses to our business networking Cheshire events.

The members in our business networking Cheshire groups are meeting exactly the people they want – and NEED to meet from Chester, across Cheshire, The Wirral, Wrexham and North Wales. From start-ups like you to businesses that are established and over 50 years old we have a place in our business network for you.

Reflecting the quality of our members and visitors, when we can meet face to face our business networking Cheshire events are held at high quality venues like The Double Tree by Hilton.

This thriving business networking Cheshire group encourages businesses to buy locally across Cheshire, thereby increasing the investment locally in Cheshire.

What does this mean for business networking for start-ups?

Our Business Network Cheshire helps to provide a basis for growth, collaboration, high quality referrals and excellent suppliers for essential services for businesses that business networking for start-ups seek – essential elements for growing and thriving in today’s business climate. Over the last 10 years we know that over £10 million of business has been retained in Cheshire – by using the talent that is on the doorstep and by doing business locally.

We have also had start-ups join and grow from zero to multi million pound turnover businesses.

Why not join us -our events provide a gateway – business networking for start-ups?

To learn more – book a call with Tracy – she is here to help, learn about your business and ready to connect you to high quality business owners

Business networking for start-ups – it’s a big leap right?

We believe that our approach to leading our business networking groups is ethical, sustainable and actually good fun! We know that when relationships are based on “Know Like Trust” it provides a pathway to high quality business, successful outcomes, and a willingness to learn from and help each other.

Attracting between 60-80 business leaders and business owners from the the Cheshire region at our monthly business networking events in Cheshire,  our business networking groups in Cheshire are the destination for start-ups serious about growing their business through relationships discovered and built through being a member of our business networking group in Cheshire. We are the go to group providing business networking for start-ups like you.

If you are looking for a consistent, exciting, enjoyable way to develop your business network in Cheshire then you really should give us a go! We welcome 60-80 diverse, successful and growing businesses and start-ups to each online business networking event  – all within a 30 minute drive of Chester. Why go to Manchester when there are such a brilliant business networking for start-ups group ready for you to plug into here in Cheshire?

For our members of our business networking for start-ups, we offer a 121 service where we learn all about your business and your aspirations for the future. We get to know who want your new customers to be across Cheshire and the North West, and who else you would like to be doing business with. We also make sure that where you need quality suppliers, or referral partners, we understand that and make those connections happen.

Armed with this business intelligence we then craft the breakout rooms for you at our business networking for start-ups Cheshire to maximise the opportunity to meet who you want to meet – AND – make sure in-between our business networking events for start-ups we connect you to every opportunity we can.

To learn more then any not book a call with Tracy – we will quickly figure out how we can help!

How can you make business networking for start-ups work for them?

Starting a business takes you into a whole new world. You suddenly need skills in IT, HR, Marketing, Finance, Law, Health and safety – the list is endless and can seem overwhelming!

That’s where through our supporting business networking for start-ups we can help. Connecting you with trusted experts, suppliers and at every business networking event making sure you meet the right people to help your business grow.

Every business networking event stars with a tip filled educational seminar from 10.15 to 11.30.  As a start-up, the knowledge you gain from our business networking seminars is invaluable.

Time for a comfort break then we start our main event 12-2.

At the main event we still take 3 days to craft the BEST possible breakout room for you, matching you to good collaboration partners, potential customers and high quality suppliers. Its this highly proactive and effective “business networking matchmaking” that sets our business networking for start-up events apart from others. We love providing a great network to plug into for business networking for start-ups.

All our business networking Cheshire events are planned to perfection. We guarantee at our business networking for start-ups events, that you will never be seated with competitors: there will be 5-7 other quality businesses from Cheshire and sometimes beyond at your table.

The planning of our tables for our business networking start-ups events is proactive, and weaves together all the intelligence we glean from our member 121 meetings, and the conversations we have with all our visitors. As a start-up there will be many connections you need to make – shortcut to excellence by joining our business networking events.

After events and in between events we are a go to resource for general “do you know anyone that can do XYZ” Can you afford to not be included in our trusted supplier list? We are the quality group to accelerate your business networking for start-ups.