Business Networking in Cheshire

How do I make Business Networking in Cheshire work for me?

So many people who visit our business networking group for Cheshire Businesses claim to “Hate networking.”

Actually they hate the thought of Business Networking – then when they visit our Cheshire business networking events – they realise there is a way to network and it be enjoyable, productive and worthwhile.

Business Networking in Cheshire – Whats your mindset?

Half empty……

  • Wondering if business networking in Cheshire is ever going to work?
  • Tired of meeting the same old faces at breakfast network meetings every week?
  • Weary of “Fake” referrals?

Or half full……..

  • Sign me up – lets get rocking and rolling!
  • I’m in, how do I get to next level of business networking in Cheshire?
  • I’m confident but what else can I be doing?

Wherever you are at – our business networking events for Businesses in Cheshire and Chester could be perfect for you.

One of our most recent new Members Morgan Granger – was – her words – really put off by the whole thought of business networking.

What’s really put her off business networking in Cheshire?

So many poor experiences, where people judged, harassed or just did the typical hard sell on her.

What Morgan actually wanted was

  • business support
  • guidance
  • a positive environment of like minded business owners
  • people with a positive mindset
  • people that were willing to help her grow her business and develop her business knowledge.

So after a number of discussions and her bravely stepping out of her comfort zone on attending one of our events she has taken the plunge and joined our business networking group here in Cheshire.

So why has Morgan joined our business network group here in Cheshire?

She can see that Tracy and Hayley work exclusively and passionately to serve the members.

We see running our business network for companies in Cheshire as a full time role. In between events we are here

  • support members
  • facilitate connections
  • holding deep 121 meetings with members to learn how we can best help them
  • help them with whatever random queeries crop up in their day to day life
  • provide a “go to” service – whatever the problem there will be someone we can recommend to them. They may have had the same experience or has the knowledge and influence to make a difference for them.

We are really excited and honored that Morgan has placed her faith in us and we know that between us and a fantastic members we can help propel Morgan’s business forward in ways she never imagined possible.

So if you need clarity, support or want to get out of your comfort zone, or just want to look at different walls, or connect with quality suppliers and fantastic customers that want to do business based on knowing liking and trusting you rather than just the price then why not come and visit the Business Network Chester and see how we can help?

To join us sign up for more information below! We promise we won’t spam you – we will give you a call and have a good old fashioned chat to learn how we may be able to help.

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