Business Networking online? Do it with Confidence

Business Networking On Line!

Well it’s interesting times for those of us that run events and help the Business Community Business Network!

As we continue to be in uncertain times for Businesses and Business networking – we are committed to taking our format “On Line.”

So what does that mean? More details will follow as we learn but to start:

Will I have to dress up when business networking on line?

Absolutely not! Smart top is enough – just be comfy – and we don’t mind if you wear your slippers!

Are we still having Business networking on line with pre planned  ‘tables’?

Yes! The essence of how we network will be at the heart of what we do on line – just as if we were networking face to face. Instead of “Tables” we have break out rooms. So the careful table planning we always commit to every event we continue with – with passion, deliberate connections and knowing our members and visitors “like to meets”.

We have the ability to put you in small groups of 5 or 6 so that you get the opportunity to talk with a smaller number of people and network just as you would if you were sat at a table.

How can I arrange 121s after the business networking on line event?

We will share with you the contact details of those businesses in your business network break out room the day after the event.

As a visitor you can always ask Tracy for connections if you wish to learn more about a members services. For Members, we of course proactively connect you with other members on request.

For members we have a host of experts in the group that regularly share their knowledge and advice on topics such as:

  • LinkedIn top tips
  • Facebook Ads – how to make them work for your Business
  • Health and Safety Q&A
  • Employment law and COVID.
  • Interior design clinics
  • Cash flow tips
  • IT tips for effective home working
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Financial support and guidance – business
  • Financial support and guidance personal
  • Employment law and HR matters
  • One to one coaching
  • Action learning sets

and so many more!

If you have ideas to share your invaluable knowledge please get in touch!

What will I eat for lunch when business networking on line?

It’s BYO I’m afraid but I would avoid soup!

Can I share any material online (screen share)

You can share information on screen via screen share – just speak to Tracy if you wish to do this- you will see this in action on the first call – better still if you have a visual product – show it!

What will happen to future business networking online events?

So far we are planning on continuing with our usual mega meet once a month, on the Thursday dates you already have in your diaries.

However there has been a ground swell of desire to meet regularly in between. It’s all very fluid and evolving at the moment but we are here to help you our members so that is what we will do! From our Action Learning sets, to seminars, to 121’s to Friday sundowners and special seminars in between we are growing as a community even closer.

We are looking at weekly check-ins that offer advice and support for our members on certain themes and issues that may affect your business. From HR, to Employment law to H&S and so much more.


I have never used video call for business networking online before, how does it work?

The technology we have initially invested in is on a well known platform called Zoom. We operate it in a secure and safe way for all particpants. Links are only released upon payment and after we have spoken to make sure you are briefed – thats why it is important to book ahead – to make sure you benefit fully from our wrap around business networking approach.

Tracy control’s the rest in terms of table networking and small group networking and the seminar.


We are excited about how online networking is evolving and whilst of course we can’t wait until we are face to face again – this is going to work out for the medium term – AND we are determined to be here to support you our members and you our visitors.

Many of our members have commented that it will give them an opportunity to talk and network with members they would not otherwise have met at face-to-face networking.  We also know how important it is for members to stay connected, even in a virtual environment, during these challenging times.



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