Business Networking online – your monthly access to quality contacts

Business Networking online – does it really work?

Once again we welcomed around 60 attendees to our Business networking online event. Many of them new members, returning members, and visitors found the business networking online seminar and main event a treasure trove of useful information, interesting and helpful connections, and a way to foster community spirit.

So what makes our business networking online really work?

Well – we know that when business networking online is planned, and managed efficiently and with passion – it can be just as good, if not better than face to face networking.


Well we know that when face to face business networking can add all manner of worries, fears and concerns. FRom “what should I wear” to “will I get there on time/will I be able to park” tp “will people talk to me” there are a gazillion ways we can talk ourselves into being a fear based networker.

Business networking online takes away so many of the fears and worries people share with us.

Business networking online- how worries have been eliminated?

Business networking online helps people in so many ways. Take a look at the positives we have identified:

  • No stress of travelling or parking when business networking online
  • No stress of “what to wear” – a smart top does the job
  • No judgement on how you walk/hold yourself when business networking online
  • No need to make the first move to talk to someone
  • No fear of rejection or entering a room of cliques when business networking online
  • No worries that you wont know anyone – its a screen of faces – all in the same boat
  • No need to panic about who you get sat next to or “stuck with” in a corner when business networking online – everyone is in the room together
  • Lots of genuine facilitated conversation – with each break out room host “briefed” on points of connection, collaboration and pointers to lead conversation
  • Time and space to talk and listen to EVERYONE in your breakout room when business networking online

In addition – the real added benefit of our group is how we have adapted and embraced  business networking online along side walking networking for members. That’s the perfect opportunity to compliment and deepen the connections made when business networking online.

The positive feedback from our netwalking networking has really enhanced when we then do our business networking online.

Business Networking online – is it for me? Can it help my business?

Well we are bound to say yes! The best thing to do is simply book a cal with Tracy and she will give you an honest assessment about how our group can help. The worst thing you can do is simply visit and see for yourself if business networking online is for you!

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