Business Networking, recognition and recommendations.

When to give recognition and recommendations in a Business Network group?

This week I received a fabulous call from a long standing member asking about the “etiquette” about recommendations when business networking.

Their question?

“Is it OK to “Give kudos/Big up/Cheerlead” for someone who you have not yet worked with yourself that’s in the Business Network, BUT you know their have had a massive impact on a Business that is outside the Network?”

Errrrr – YES!

It got me thinking on what grounds should we give recommendations, thank you’s, shout outs of appreciation and general praise?

When we work in SME’s, and smaller organisations, even as solo consultancies, its probably even more important to proactively give thanks and praise to people – regardless of what they do – however large or small the thing they have done.

Why? Because when we step out of Corporate organisations, or even if we have only ever known small businesses – the structure of formal performance appraisals or reward schemes – just don’t exist.

Business Networking and recognition.

In a recent Gallup poll, recognition was key and most impactful when “honest, authentic and individualised”

Forbes go one step further and describe how modern high-performance recognition programs are “social” – they let anyone in the company recognise anyone else. So this would absolutely fit in with our ethos at The Business Network.

Forbes research also goes onto to say that  “One of the most powerful practices we identified was “story telling.” When someone does something great and is recognised by their peers, tell people about it.”

Business Networking and Storytelling

So – every month we ask for and receive some fabulous testimonials for where our Members

  • Refer opportunities to each other
  • Thank each other for a great delivery of a project or service
  • Thank someone for a great connection or referral to an opportunity.

The question is – how – as fabulous as it is to receive a “shout out” at the event – do we as a group, as individuals – give thanks for the goodwill, and hidden gems of support that also occur week in, month in – for each other?

I think we can do a much better job at this  – as when I meet members for 121’s that are dedicated and committed to their networking and the group – there are a whole other level of connections, support network and hard working “Clusters” – but we do not always hear about these.

So how can we start to do that? How can we share these stories?

Well we do have a host of opportunities, such as

  • Thanking via recommendations on LinkedIn/Facebook
  • Give Kudos on LinkedIn
  • Send them an email with a testimonial / Thank you that can be put on their website
  • Give a Google review
  • Offer to be a part of a case study – expertly written by someone like @Clare Moorhouse
  • Host the speaker slot at A Business Network Chester event and create a roll call of Thank you’s to the Network
  • Write a thank you card

So I declare 2020 the year in The Business Network of giving Thanks. Lets celebrate the fantastic stories that occur day in, week in, month in month out!

Watch out via Linked in, Cards in the post, and other reviews that will pop up and hopefully delight.

If you would like to be a part of such a vibrant, positive, successful community then come along and visit.

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