Business networking skills- present and follow up with impact.

Business networking skills

So which of these happen to you when you think of business networking skills?

  • It’s not for me – “I’m not a natural business networker”
  • I try business networking  but I get
    • Sweaty palms?
    • Palpitations?
    • Nerves?
    • Butterflies in the stomach?
    • Feelings of dread
  • I can’t do business networking so I don’t even think about it!
  • Business networking skills? You either can do it or you can’t’!
  • I do it but maybe there are things I can do better to get better results – but not sure what?

So how would it be if through the course of an hour you could take away critical business networking skills that are practical, methodical, grounded in helping you be you, and best of all, bring a sense of calm and peace and control to your business networking?

Then our next business networking skills workshop is for you.

Business networking skills – it’s NOT a dark art!

Andy Lowe, one of our newest members to the network will share tried and testing approaches and structure to help you not only feel more confident and authentic in developing your business networking skills, but he will also enable you to craft a follow up process that’s simple, robust, honest and takes away the guessing game of 121’s.

Through this interactive seminar Andy will help attendees discover the simple ways they can improve their business networking skills:

  • present themselves in a memorable, honest and authentic way that puts the customer first
  • agree the ground rules and expectations for 121’s
  • how to use business networking skills to achieve positive outcomes from 121’s
  • better understand your attitude to business networking skills and how to develop them to work for you

In addition Andy has a host of further free seminars he regularly holds so starting with this business networking skills seminar will also open the door to more specific aspects of your sales cycle that can help support and develop you business development process.

To join us simply book to attend our next business networking event on 8th October. If you are still not sure this is right for you – Book a call with Tracy and lets chat!

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