Business Networking Skills

Tracy Griffiths
Tracy helps you become a confident authentic Networker

Our Business Networking workshops are geared to helping you or your team become  confident, natural Networkers.

So be it you want to Network with more confidence, or if you want to be more disciplined,
passionate, at ease with your Business Networking – we can help.
We work on a 121 basis, or with small groups – so get in touch and see how we can help?

Network with Confidence

How to be a confident Business Networker?

  • Hate the thought of attending Business Networking events?
  • Suddenly have to attend business networking events as part of your job?
  • You want to get a promotion/have a promotion but now having to generate your own Business Leads by business networking?

Then you might just need to have some time with Tracy.

Tracy has helped 100’s or people – probably 1000’s actually, become authentic, confident networkers. It’s not about being the loudest voice in the room, but it is about developing and cultivating a business networking style for you that is

  • Natural
  • Honest
  • Real

Whatever your view of business networking, in Tracy’s Training sessions, workshops and 121 Coaching sessions she can help you

  • Craft a natural inner confidence to business network with grace and style
  • Identify the best face to face approach for you when business networking
  • Harness the power of Online networking to compliment your face to face business networking
  • Hone the way you describe what you do when business networking, so it feels honest, real and authentic
  • Help you learn to love business networking.

How do we help you be a better business networker?

Mindset! Process! Passion!

Business Networking Mindset

We tap into how you feel about business networking, what thoughts go around your head and understand where they come from.

We then “rewire” those though patterns and create new ones that are bespoke to you and your industry and your needs.

It’s a fluid process that is completely bespoke – and with our ongoing check ins and tweaks we can help you become a Business Networking natural.

So stop being afraid of Business Networking!

Embrace it – take action to change the way you approach Business networking and I promise you will get amazing networking results.

Business Networking Process.

So you go to a business networking event – struck with fear, and wonder what next? With Tracy we will craft a perfect preparation, execution, follow up approach for business networking events.

Business Networking Passion.

Together we get to the heart of why you are attending business networking events, and create a passion filled approach that will make you a stand out business networker – not because you are larger than life in the room – BUT because we will get to the heart of what you do, why you do it and what makes you want to do that time after time. Once that passion is unleashed it is easy to cultivate a conversational style when business networking.

Developing your network

How to develop your Business Network?

So you may be OK at Business Networking – actually quite enjoy it – yet you sense that you are either

  • Not business networking with the right people?
  • Not sure how to blend face to face business networking with Online business networking?
  • Not getting the results or quality of business Network you would like?
  • Not sure how to reach those “hard to reach” contacts to enhance your business network?

Then Tracy can help!

After an extensive Corporate career in Businesses like adidas, Reebok and Speedo – Tracy understand that it is not about what you know but who you know – that old adage is never going away.

And whatever your views on business networking – if we adopt a silo mentality to our business Network – we will never grow, or reach our full potential.

How we help you develop your Business Network?


So – Tracy helps teams  and individuals view their business Network as a living organism.

In doing so we explore

  • How expansive your current business network is
  • Where the gaps/opportunities to expand/consolidate are in your business network
  • How to close those gaps in your business network
  • How to plan future evolution of your business network.
  • How creating proactive referral business networks can help

So – if you want to dissect your business Network and prepare for future growth why not get in touch to learn more about how Tracy can help?

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