Business networking 121 coaching

How will business networking 121 coaching help me?

Some people are so against the idea of Business networking, face to face or online, that the safest place to start is on a 121 basis.

Within just a couple of 121 coaching sessions focussed on developing your business networking approach it is very possible to get you to an business networking event – supported by Simon – to test your newfound confidence and skills.

Everyone that starts out their business networking journey – insists they can’t do business networking – or that they hate it and they will never learn to like it.

Our unique online business networking coaching sessions get to the heart of what your hidden barriers are – be it a bad experience, be it a fear of stepping into the unknown, be it that you just do not know where to start.

Our aim – to ensure you are a confident, comfortable authentic networker that can get the results that are right for you.

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How does online business networking 121 coaching work?

These confidence boosting sessions are held online, enabling you to not only get familiar with how to develop a networking strategy bespoke to you, but also enables you to learn how to network in the current times we live in.

I know, you are sat there thinking “I hate business networking  – how can business networking 121 coaching ever help me?”

Trust me, our approach to business networking is all about harnessing your talents, your values and your offer, to enable you to authentically, honestly and confidently approach any networking event with ease.

We like a challenge and we guarantee if you are honest and put the practice in – you can business network with confidence!

Once a level of comfort has been found the safest way to test it is by attending one of our online business networking events. Simon can then fully support and make sure you meet people that can not only help your business, but will also be kind, considerate and supportive.

Many of our best and long standing members stay with us – some for up to 10 years now – exactly because they stopped accepting they could not network and decided they just needed to find their business networking home and a supportive coach to ensure their approach to business networking worked for them.

To find out more about how our online 121-business networking skills coaching can help simply book a call to learn more!

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