Business Networking For Women

Lets be clear –  we are NOT a Women’s only Network.

YET – we have a pretty 50:50 split within our Network based here in Chester and supporting Businesses across Cheshire, Wrexham, Wirral and North Wales.

Why? Well at The Business Network, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality environment for successful ambitious Business owners and senior leaders to meet, network, and connect across Cheshire. With no hard sell, and no pressure to refer, and meeting at lunch – we provide a safe yet challenging space for female leaders to flourish.

Meeting just once a month, at lunch, our structured and proactive table planning process ensures that our Members are meeting exactly the people they want to meet.

Our members are from a diverse and professional base, and seek to join our Network from across the whole of Cheshire, Wrexham, Wirral, North Wales and Chester.

As a central Hub connecting all those places, we hold our events in Chester.

Our Network encourages female business owners to step up and Grow their business. Supportive yet with a gentle nudge to growth, we help provide a basis for growth, collaboration, high quality referrals – essential elements for growing and thriving in today’s business climate.

Why not come and try us out?

The most diverse and welcoming business networking group for Women

At The Business Network, we believe that our approach to Networking is ethical, sustainable and actually good fun! We know that when relationships are based on “Know Like Trust” it provides a pathway to high quality Business, successful outcomes, and a willingness to learn from and help each other.

If you are a women looking for a consistent, exciting, enjoyable way to Network – thats means you can still juggle family life outside 9-5 then you really should give us a go!

We welcome 70-90 diverse, successful and growing Businesses to each event – all within a 30 minute drive of Chester. Why go to Manchester when there is such a brilliant Business Network ready for you to plug into here in Cheshire?

We offer a 121 service for our Members where we learn all about your Business and your aspirations for the future. We get to know who your current customers are, and who else you would like to be doing Business with. We also make sure that where you need quality suppliers, or referral partners, we understand that and make those connections happen.

In addition if you need support in refining your pitch, defining your product or service offer, or simply need a bit of a confidence boost when networking – you really should try us out!

So if you have tried Networking in early in the morning, or late at night and think “Nope that’s not for me” think again and try The Business Network.

A VERY warm welcome awaits!

Enjoying networking