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At The Business Network Chester, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, proactive and productive environment for Businesses in Wrexham that want to Network with Businesses in Chester.

Our Network events  are held monthly, in high quality venues, to match our high quality members. With Many Wrexham business leaders yearning for high quality networking on their doorstep, its good to remember that we are only a 20 minute drive away – to help you to expand and improve the quality of your Network into the locality of Chester, whilst connecting with other Businesses across Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales and Flintshire.

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The largest quality business networking group for companies in Wrexham

Why Network in Chester?

We believe that our Network group offers the best option for Wrexham Businesses to break into the Chester Business community, while enabling them to also network with other ambitious Wrexham Businesses that have seen their Businesses double year on year.

If you are looking for a fresh, fun and high quality Network Group, that puts its members at the heart of its events, and makes sure You are meeting the Businesses and contacts you need to grow your Business in Wrexham, look no further than The Business Network Chester.

We offer a friendly and professional approach to Networking – leaving nothing to chance. From strategically Planned events, to detailed 121 meetings, to educational seminars and a proactive social media presence to promote our members, we are the Networking membership group option on the doorstep of Wrexham.

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