Can a Values based Business succeed?

Values and business?

When you think of your business and your values are you:

  • Frustrated your clients seem only focussed on price?
  • Worried your drifting along and not driving your Business forward?
  • Anxious that your Business does not live your values and passions?
  • Ready to pivot to your Passion, but scared you may alienate clients?

Then why not take an hour to listen and learn from Mark Byers, MD of OG Kitchens?

Our speaker – puts his Values at the heart of his Business.

Mark has “pivoted” from creating a successful digital marketing agency to leading OG Kitchens to be The true “Eco” kitchen creator driven by his values.

When you join us at our May 12th business networking educational seminar, you will learn how the evolutionary path of OG Kitchens came to be and help apply those learnings to your business.


This journey for OG Kitchens has not been easy – surviving the sudden departure of a business partner, a global pandemic, the impending and actual impact of BREXIT to name just a few of the challenges Mark has faced.

By staying true to his principles and knowing the digital to destination route was critical to success, learn how Marks “bumps” in the road combined with steadfast vision and ability to seize opportunities have created many points of learning.

Taking the company on its journey to being truly “Eco” has lead Mark to create strategic partnerships with people across the world.

Mark will share his insights and in doing so will discuss the importance of

  • Using your values to create conditions for people to buy.
  • Accepting not everyone can be your customer.
  • Adaptability – and how it is critical to growth.
  • Curiosity – and how it can lead to unique opportunities.
  • Supplier relationships VS strategic partnerships aligned to values.
  • Robust processes to support the customer journey.
  • Enhancing health through our home environment.

From this educational business networking seminar you will learn its OK to have a laser like focus on who you serve, how you serve them and weave your beliefs and values into what you stand for  in your Business.

To join us schedule a call with Tracy and see how we can help you grow your network, raise your profile and get support towards your business values and goals.

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