The Business Network Chester – Nervous at networking? Then Watch this!

The Members view of Business Network Chester  on the Cutting room floor – what nuggets we found!

We had some fun reviewing the cutting room Floor with the amazing Richard Knew of Knew Productions  .

The result – a great piece demonstrating that what we do – over 9 years from our first launch – is still as valid and relevant as its always been – if not more so. In addition some absolute “Unscripted” pearls from our Members.

In doing so we found some great “out takes” but also some really HONEST perspectives from our members from The Business Network Chester – recent and longstanding.

So over the course of the next few weeks we will be sharing some of those nuggets with you.

Why do this? Well its easy for anyone to write blurb saying how great they are – but as a Network here in Chester and Cheshire – we are one of  principle, honesty and integrity. So it was critical to us to take stock and get some honest and impartial feedback from our members – long standing and newer.

What was lovely was to hear how well we are serving established members as well as newer ones – and that is down to the friendly welcome everyone receives at the Network. We are here to help – however young old, established, start up, flying high or in rocky times – we help, support and nurture our members.

Still think Networking is not for you? Then you need to watch this!

Many people who visit us are amazed that there IS a way to ENJOY Networking. So many people come after visiting other formats and types of Networking and are quite frqankly scraed to death and think it will never be for them. Introverts behold – You can network! Shy, or quietly spoken people who do not like to be the life and soul of a room – you are SAFE in our hands!

We know what its like to walk into a busy room full of noise and people engaged – thats why we make a big deal of REALLY looking after our visitors.

We make sure you know;

  • Where you are coming
  • How the event runs
  • Who you will be seated with
  • How to get your 2 minute table talk across with confidence
  • Who you need to meet – to collaborate, connect, network with be it to Buy services or open the door to your next opportunity.
  • Relax and enjoy the event


So to our video.

This one was a shock to be honest. Anyone that knows  Francis Ball of Bridge Wellness gardens. Will know he is a consummate professional when it comes to networking: courteous, engaged, a massive help to others – he is just the perfect Network – selfless and passionate about helping.

He happens to also be the mastermind and driving force behind Bridge Wellness Gardens – and appropriately recognised and supported recently through the official opening of the Hydroponics unit by HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Francis is a an expert networker -in our eyes, and has created the Bridge Wellness Gardens from a flat awful piece of land into the most amazing community space that has transformed lives in the local community.

However – how surprised we we to hear him talk of how he used to HATE Networking! So we just had to share his insights!

Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts – or at least Buy a veg Box Or offer to drive! and if it inspires you to get our and Network then of course come and network with us – The Business Network Chester.