Charities, Silver Gilt medals and 5 garden design Tips!

Jane and Penny will guide attendees through the top 5 tips for garden design.

Drawing on their extensive experience of design and planting, they will through the course of this seminar help budding gardeners and those that lack green fingers through the design process.

In sharing their fabulous experiences, notably on their route to a Silver Gilt medal at Tatton in 2017, they will also share their experience of designing their garden with their charity partner.


They will bring to life how by deepening your understanding of what you want your garden space to do for you – how it can help shape your approach and final design.

Where Jane and Penny focus is on the end user – this is what helps set them apart and ensure any garden design is personal, manageable and sustainable.

To join us press BOOK or call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or simply email for more details.

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