Electricans in Chester – do you want more Business?

Quality Electrician’s in Cheshire – Please visit our Network to grow?

Every month we trawl and recap through the “Like to meet” list our Members share with us at their regular 121 meetings.

These like to meets can be a mixture of

  • Collaboration opportunities – where coming together may help apply for a large scale tender
  • Referral partners – where there is a natural synergy to work together
  • Supplier “window shopping” – where a member knows they have a need for a service or product provider – and wants to assess someone from afar through meeting at a lunch at our carefully planned tables
  • Customer – dream request – where there is a company, or sector that hits the “sweet spot” for a members expanding customer base
  • Re-connecting – where at an earlier event, they may have had a brief chat over reception drinks, or attended their educational seminar and they want to spend a little more time together
  • Where they have taken time to assess “who would be goof to get to know” so that they are diversifying their network, to learn, to explore, or simply to just get on their radar.

Whatever the reason – we are here to help make those connections happen.

This “Intel” we collate from members is what we use every month to drive the attraction of new visitors AND build our table plans.

So looking to the next quarters events – September see’s an interesting list of “Like to meets”

If you know any Electricaians then – be a good “on line networker” and

  • please email us, CC them, and broker that introduction at tracy@business-network.co.uk
  • please get in touch via email or calling 07768 926602
  • please share this post tagging them

We would certainly appreciate it and so would our Members – they have immediate needs – and want to Business with a trusted and committed Member!




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