Business Networking Events – Our Structure

What is the structure of The Business Networking events in Chester?

Our Business networking events are split into 2 main parts


Educational Seminar (optional to main event attendees)

Our Educational seminar  runs 10-11.30 – arrive at 10am for complimentary teas and coffees and business networking followed the the seminar which is hosted by one of our members 10.30-11.30


Business Networking Events- main event

Our full business networking events have 4 distinct and well managed approaches to networking;

11:30-12:15 – Open business networking over reception drinks

Arrive to a warm welcome by Tracy and Hayley, receive your name badge,  then enjoy relaxed open business networking over reception drinks.

12:15-1:30 –  Business Networking at the tables – 2 minute table talks

This is the main part of our business networking events where we take our seats on our carefully planned tables.

Every table is crafted to ensure while you are business networking you are

  • Never sat with a competitor,
  • Sat with people where there is collaboration or referral opportunities
  • Sat with people you could do Business with directly – to Buy or sell.
  • Sat with a diverse group of leaders with authority to buy as well as sell.

Everyone has a chance to exchange their business cards AND present their business to the table of 7-9 other diverse senior leaders for 2 minutes, at our business networking events . Why not take a look at our helpful blog post that helps you craft your best 2 minute talk for business networking events. The elevator pitch – 2 minute table talk

1:30-1:50 – Announcements, Table to Table business networking

There is a chance through our business network events to be introduced to other senior decision makers if you wish. Your table host or Tracy and Hayley can make this happen.

1:50-2pm – After Lunch speaker and close of business networking events.

We sometimes enjoy a brief 5 minute after lunch speaker – a member sharing advice, Business updates, or simply share a compelling vignette.

Our business networking events close at 2pm – a chance to finalise 121 meetings, say goodbye – or indeed grab a fellow member and carry on the conversation.