Frequently Asked Questions

We know people have lots of questions about Networking.

This is how we Network At The Business Network Chester

Who does your style of Business networking work best for?

Do any of these things this sound like you?

  • Hate hard sell
  • Tired of demanding weekly networking commitments
  • Think you can never be a networker
  • Need quality suppliers you can trust
  • Looking for bigger, better quality clients?
  • Want to build a sustainable and “Genuine referral” network of contacts?
  • Want to escape your silo or “Business bubble” and connect with like minded ambitious Business Owners?

Whichever one resonates with you – you will probably like – even love our network.

How often do you hold your Networking events in Chester?

We meet just once a month, at lunch time, generally the 2nd (ish) Thursday of the Month.

Our dates are set at least 6 months usually 12 months in advance –  avoiding school holidays where possible.

The future dates can be found here.

We also meet at lunch time and enjoy a lovely 2 course lunch – making it much easier to build into your day just once a month.

What do I need to do to come along as a guest to your networking event in Chester?

Ask yourself first – am I decision maker with authority to buy as well as sell?

If yes – do you have a positive mindset and are you ready to take the quality of your networking to the next level?

If yes – then what are you waiting for – Get in touch!

You can either

  • Get in touch by emailing
  • Complete the contact form here and we will get in touch
  • Call Tracy on 07768 926 602. I may be in 121 meetings but will return your call as soon as I am free.
  • Email me your Company name, Your name, Tel number and email requesting an invitation to an event and we will send you a personalised invitation.

How do I pay for my place at your Business Network Event?

We have a variety of options to take payment. As a visitor we do ask that you pay for your event fee – which covers access to the main networking event, includes reception drink and 2 course lunch, teas and coffee. It also enables free access to the Educational seminar that runs (10-11.30).

The cost as a visitor is £47 – a sign of the quality of venues and quality of contacts you will meet.

You can pay by

  • CC via our secure Worldpay site
  • By BACS on invoice
  • By Go Cardless

We can accept other methods – get in touch if you have a question about payment.

Can I visit your Business Networking event for free? Other Business Network Groups do that?

While other groups do offer free places – We do not. As  a network that is founded on Quality connections, senior decision makers with authority to buy as well as sell –  Trust and the ability to Buy and Sell – if you can’t or won’t pay for a single lunch, you are probably not the best fit for our amazing group.

What do I wear to your Business Networking event?

We are relaxed! Tracy and Hayley like to dress up for the day – (we don’t get out much) but we tell our members – especially those with branded items to wear them! First rule of networking – be comfortable and be yourself! No airs and graces required – and you will understand why when you meet us!

What is the structure of The Business Network Chester event?

Our Meetings are split into 2 main parts

Part 1

Our Educational seminar  runs 10-11.30 – arrive at 10am for complimentary teas and coffees followed the the seminar which is hosted by one of our members 10.30-11.30

Part 2

Our full event has 4 distinct and well managed approaches to networking;

  1. Open networking over reception drinks –11.30 and 12.15

Arrive to a warm welcome by Tracy and Hayley, receive your name badge,  then enjoy relaxed open networking over reception drinks.

  • Table Networking – 12.15-1.30

This is our main networking event where we take our seats on our carefully planned tables.

Every table is crafted to ensure you are

  • Never sat with a competitor,
  • Sat with people where there is collaboration or referral opportunities
  • Sat with people you could do Business with directly – to Buy or sell.
  • Announcements, Table to Table networking 1.30-1.50

There is a chance to meet someone on another table if you wish. Your table host or Tracy and Hayley can make this happen.

  • After Lunch speaker and close 1.50-2pm

We sometimes enjoy a brief 5 minute after lunch speaker – a member sharing advice, Business updates, or simply share a compelling vignette.

After our prompt close at 2pm – a chance to finalise 121 meetings, say goodbye – or indeed grab a fellow member and carry on the conversation.

What should I prepare to get the most from The Business Networking event?

Easy – just 3 things.

Bring 10-15 Business cards

A smile and a commitment to participate

Your 2 minute table talk.

You say there is a 2 minute table talk at your Business Network Chester event – what’s that?  

The thing most people say they hate!

There is a guide to crafting a 2 minute table talk when you sign up for our events – along with other helpful guides and tips to get the most from the event.

Sign up and we can send you a copy – and we promise NOT to SPAM you. We really hate that much more than 2 minute table talks!

Where are the Business Network Chester events held?

We hold our events typically at our Member Venues – The Chester Grosvenor and The Double Tree By Hilton. The Exclusive venues, define the quality of members and visitors we attract.

What makes your Business network group different?

Great question!  As someone that left the safety of a big Corporate job working for adidas I know how difficult it can be to find quality networking. That how the Business network Chester was born.

Our Guiding philosophy has always to bring together ambitious, like minded, growing Businesses and organisations, that want to do Business based on a network that passionately believes that business is best when done on a “Know Like Trust” basis.

Our Business Networking events and 121 to meetings, social support, learning mindset makes us unique in the world of networking.

Many of our members are with us since we launched in 2010! SO our best advice – is visit an event and ask them!

Alternatively – take a look at some of our videos that members kindly contributed to.

The Business Network Chester – You Tube Channel

Will I be left on my own at your Business Network event?


All visitors are given a name badge in white – this shows all our Members you are a visitor and they will look after you. We will also assign you a “Buddy” – a long standing member that will look after you at your first network meeting.

How do you help your members in the Business Network group?

We do lots of our members!

Firstly, Every member that joins, and renews has a detailed 121 meeting with Tracy. At this meeting be prepared to be grilled – in the nicest possible way!

Tracy takes a deep dive into learning all about

  • you,
  • your business,
  • your products, services and points of difference
  • your plans for the future,
  • your current clients
  • your desired future clients
  • current suppliers
  • future needs for suppliers
  • who you like to collaborate with
  • who are good referral partners
  • If you’d like to host a seminar
  • If you’d like to host a speaker slot
  • how we can best help
  • your attitude, confidence levels and mindset to networking

using this intel – at every event Tracy will craft the best table plan for all members – connecting you with those all important “Like to meets”

In addition in between events Tracy will

  • be a cheer leader for you on social media
  • connect you with prospects and enquiries as we get asked for service providers
  • recommend you within groups where people may ask for services like yours
  • support you with ideas, problem solving and general advice – from how to follow up, how to hold a great 121, to crafting your 2 minute table talk.

No other network is as proactive – so the more demanding you are as a member – actually the more we like it!

Do I need to book in advance to your Business network event in Chester?

  • Yes – to ensure you have the prefect table for you please book at least 72 hours in advance – the earlier you book the better your table!
  • We work on the table plan for 3 days before the event – tweaking, changing, connecting, optimising everybody’s experience at the event.

How many people attend your Business Network events?

  • We welcome anything between 60 and 100 attendees at our events – whatever the number every table is planned to ensure
  • You meet new contacts
  • You are never sat with competitors
  • You are sat with decision makers to buy as well as sell

Can I bring a colleague/friend to The Business Network Chester event?

At our networking events, with Corporate membership you can have up to 2 attendees per company. If you have a friend from a different company that wishes to attend they can also pay the Visitor fee to attend the event.

Do you have any industry lock-out rules in your Business network group?

Absolutely! Our Network is never overrun with certain sectors that you always find at Networking events. We operate a 5% of membership rule, which means we will NEVER have more than 5 members in any category – and for some categories we cap it at 3 – some at 1. That way we can provide choice, along with ample opportunity to do Business. It does mean at any one time we do have a wait list for certain categories.

What sort of businesses attend the Business network events??

We attract ambitious large regional businesses, some national Business, and of course a diverse, ambitious  and creative set of SME’s.

The key to our network is not just who is in the room – but who they know. Just think of the maths.

We have around 100 members across at least 30-40 sectors

They all will know at least 2-500 people – some over 1000, Tracy alone has around 1200 connection – almost everyone of them she has met face to face.

That’s a network of at least 50,000  contacts you can potentially access – once you have built rapport, trust and confidence in others in the network. What other Business Network can give you quality connections like