Golden Tickets for Network members

Givers gain when networking

Business network benefits - Golden ticket

A number of our members are starting 2020 with their golden tickets at hand!

Whats a Golden ticket? Well we love to reward our members and so when they introduce great new Businesses to the network, at senior decision maker level we get excited.

Excited to help ensure they have a memorable and enjoyable experience when networking The Business Network Chester way.

Also excited that after visiting – the see the huge potential in the room and beyond and decide to join us.

At That magic moment – our member benefits from a “Golden ticket award”

These Golden tickets qualify the member for a place in our bi annual prize draw – usually worth around £500 of benefits – be it to use with our members as travel vouchers, Wine, PT sessions, a piece of art – whatever the member wants – they get!

The Golden ticket Business Network league

So far we have issued in just 2 months, around 10 golden tickets – to a variety of members – and some of them are already stomping ahead with 2 or even 3 in the bag such as Lisa Carew from NMS recruit! Well done Lisa.

Lisa has introduced the multi talented and vastly experienced Paul Hughes from SHEQ. Paul is a recent start up but through the power of being authentic, determined, and networking in the right circles his business is growing at a phenomenal rate. As a person who loves the detail and small print – Paul is THE go to person to ensure as a Business Owner you can sleep at night.

Business Network Member spotlight – Paul Hughes of SHEQ


Well his 25 years experience managing and mitigating risk in manufacturing, large scale construction, nuclear and Pharma environments has enabled him to be THE expert on

  • Safety
  • Behaviour  and Human factors in the work place
  • Risk mitigation and proactive management
  • ISO accreditation
  • Training of staff – for legislative and compulsory purposes
  • Project management

So – be it you need to transition from ISO 18001 to ISO45001 (By march 2020!) or you are opening a new facility and need to train Fire marshalls and staff, or have the risk factors assessed in your office/workplace – he has the tool kit to assist.

So – members – get those little black books out. Look at your network. Who do you know that would really benefit from the Golden touch of The Business Network Chester?

And in case you need a nudge – here are just some of the categories we would like to be meeting!

  • Land owners
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Structural engineers
  • Golf courses
  • Construction ground workers
  • Businesses that want to Franchise, bring on Franchisees
  • Businesses from Deeside Industrial estate
  • Businesses from Wrexham Industrial estate
  • Not for profit – Arts, adventure and Historic places
  • HR Directors – large employers

See you at a Business Network Chester event soon!

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