Hate Business Networking Events? Then come to this training session!

So which of these happen to you when you think of attending a business networking event ?

  • It’s not for me – “I’m not a natural business networker”
  • I’ve tried business networking but it was a disaster – never again
  • I do it but I hate it – sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach.
  • I can’t do business networking so I don’t even think about it!
  • Business networking skills? You either can do it or you can’t’!
  • I do it but maybe there are things I can do better to get better results – but not sure what?

So how would it be if through the course of an hour you could take away critical business networking skills that are practical, methodical, grounded in helping you be you, and best of all, bring a sense of calm and peace and control to your business networking?

Your Business Networking event seminar presenter

Tracy Griffiths, Host at this long established network will share her insights about online business networking with attendees.

Tracy has clocked up over 11 years of hosting face to face events and made networking work online also – so she knows what works. At this online seminar you will get access to her short cut, fool proof accessible tips to drastically improve your online business networking success rate.

At this seminar Tracy will share her tips to answer;

  • How to craft an elevator pitch that invites questions and curiosity – rather than the blank stare of doom
  • How to make a positive impact when attending business networking events.
  • How to develop a “curious” mindset and ask great questions
  • How to build trust in your follow up
  • How to have a productive 121 meeting after the event
  • A handy checklist for every networking event!

So – if you want to inject confidence, authenticity and positive results into your business networking – this is the seminar and event for you!

Simply book a call with Tracy and we can find out how we can best help you!

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