Here are 3 great ways to stand out at a Business Networking event.

Are you a Business that designs or makes products? Here is how to stand out at a Business Networking event

We are blessed in our Business networking group that we have brilliant creative and holistic forces in our Business Network group.

Members such as

  • Simon O’Rourke Tree carving
  • Victoria Jane McKenna
  • Graham Boyd from Absolute Design
  • Racheal Green from Lifestyle Holistic
  • Fiona Hughes The Skinologist
  • Jane Bingham The Cheshire Garden
  • Chester Beer and Wine
  • Emmie B Interiors
  • SBS Design

So – how can these great Businesses – just like yours – bring to life what they create for others?

Be it sculpture, clothing, giant sketch art, Garden design, Interior design, Architecture, or creating Zen environment to feed your soul, These members have brilliant products and services that literally transform you and your space.

How to make make an impact at a business networking event?

  1. Show off your product! So often people that have a visual product talk about instead – so instead – if you cant show it off live, at least show a picture! We know a picture is worth a thousand words – so use them!
  2. Donate to a charity? Our Charities are always looking for ways to fundraise – so why not collaborate with them and offer a product or small service that can be auctioned, or bought to raise much needed funds? Just like the “Write a Will” months – why not “decorate your room” or “enjoy an hour of Zen self care?”
  3. Product reviews?  Sometimes product reviews on your website of google are worth their weight in gold. Imagine if you could get a high profile person to commend or show your product? How cool could that be?

Whatever your niche, your product or service – standing out at networking events is so much easier when you can make your product or service real for people. A picture or slide share or video can do this. Likewise providing samples, products for reviews or offering a snap shot/small scale taster can help people at Business Network events be more open minded and act as a great hook and opportunity.

So if you are a sculptor, Artist, Gin maker, Micro brewery or Tailor – we would love to meet you! Why not come and share your talents at our next event.

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