Hosting an Educational seminar- How to deliver maximum value?

An Educational seminar- How to deliver expertise with impact.

When our members host an educational seminar it is an excellent opportunity to:

  • share valuable knowledge
  • demonstrate expertise through a value packed educational seminar
  • create an ongoing dialogue
  • position yourself as a go to person
  • increase your reach and influence by hosting an educational seminar.

But how to make the most of the opportunity to host an educational seminar?

Hosting an Educational seminar – The basics

Critical to any successful educational seminar is knowing your audience. So ahead of any educational seminar we would encourage members to

  • seek feedback from members at 121’s meetings and business networking events about topics you could cover in an educational seminar
  • understand what challenges and issues and questions they may have about your area of expertise
  • attend other member educational seminar’s and learn from how they structure it and manage the discussion.

Secondly, establishing what they want to learn about and what will deliver most value is crucial. So often Members forget that their zone of genius is probably someone else’s phobia or nightmare! Yes, there may be a fine line to manage between telling granny to suck eggs, VS bamboozling people.

This is where checking in with Tracy ahead of any educational seminar is critical as Tracy can guide you and plant some seeds about what will “land” as great value with members from an educational seminar.

Finally – Don’t overdeliver. What does that mean in the context of an educational seminar? It means distilling your knowledge into bite size accessible chunks – and remember with only an hour to cover the topic – anything more than 10 slides will end up being rushed – OR – where you as presenter “Lecture” rather than attract participation and engagement.

How to deliver a top notch Educational seminar – our top 10 tips!

Here are just some of our observations and top tips for an interactive, engaging educational seminar (assumes 45mins to max 1hr).

  1. Be prepared – yes have a slide deck, have handouts even –  but no more than max 10 slides.
  2. Never underestimate how much you know that others don’t. What seems simple and “common sense” to you could be invaluable nugget of knowledge to someone else.
  3. KISS – don’t overcomplicate the message – know where the bus is going and be ready to take people with you. (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID)
  4. Use the tech wisely – Polls are an excellent way to engage and get feedback to know what you plan to share is what people expect – or have challenges/questions about
  5. Interaction – so often presenters at educational seminars heap so much pressure on themselves thinking they have to do all the talking – YOU Don’t! The best educational seminars are those where you make people stop think and collaborate and share their experience, questions, perspectives and advice.
  6. Encourage everyone to participate – and collect feedback from the round and keep the discussion multi dimensional.
  7. Be prepared to go off topic – if the need arises BUT – stay focussed on where your educational seminar is hedging. There is nothing worse than promising to cover XYZ, checking that’s what people want, then delivering ABC.
  8. ASK open questions AND LISTEN to the responses. Acknowledge other experience and examples and have a helping encouraging mindset.
  9. Get feedback – be it through setting people into small groups/breakout rooms to ask them what they have learnt, what they will DO differently – and of course – what other questions the session may have exposed. The point of an educational seminar is just that – you educate and people learn something new that they can go away and adopt/do/ OR – ask for help with!
  10. NEVER close with a sales pitch. The educational seminar is just that – educational! There are plenty of opportunities through the main business networking event, the business network members area etc to “sell” BUT – be mindful that some seminar attendees would value a follow up 121 meeting – thats where more questioning, understanding and help can pay off.

So – if the time has come for you to crash out of that comfort zone and host an educational seminar then get in touch! We have lost of members eager to listen to your insights – and if you are still in doubt – book a call with Tracy for a chat so we can figure out how you can help our members through hosting an educational seminar

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