How our business networking keeps me anchored in COVID-19 times?

Business networking ethos in troubling times.

With the 75th celebration for VE day upon us its absolutely right we remember that time.

There is much we can learn and adopt from the much lauded “spirit” of people during the World Wars.

The sacrifices they made. The endeavours they undertook. The willingness to march into the unknown.

People got conscripted – told they had to go to war. Can you imagine that in today’s world?

And yet we see people flouting the guidelines. Unable to go without contact, or a visit to a local beauty spot.

Thankfully – the people we attract to business networking our way do so I believe because they have a strong ethical ethos for life.

Yes like me they will occasionally slide into thoughts of;

  • frustration that my daughter has not had the chance to sit her GCSE’s.
  • anger that I have not been able to visit my widowed mum for Mothers day, her birthday or be with her when my dad’s passing anniversary landed.
  • sadness that we did not go to the Netball National Club finals last weekend.
  • longing at the exciting summer I had planned and realise it will have to happen in possibly 1, hopefully 2 years.
  • teary eyes that the Prom dress ordered will be delayed – yet it does not matter – as there is no Prom – for now.
  • gutted that the dance show is delayed – and may not yet go ahead
  • disappointed that people don’t know what 2 meters looks like!
  • Fed up of washing/cooking/cleaning up after the family day in day out with no “treats” out

YET – they keep up their spirits

So how does business networking – even online help?

To lead the Business networking group and events I have to sometimes have a quiet word with myself – sometimes even slap myself around with a wet fish!

As leader of the business network it is critical I show up for members. Just like at our monthly business networking events, people look to me for an uplift. For inspiration, for passion, vitality, and fun. But now – that wet fish, those anchors are needed at least weekly – in in some weeks even daily.

So that’s where the “wet fish” and anchors come in.

The anchor – 1 Sep 1939 – 2 Sep 1945 – The years of WW2.

Those dates remind me that whatever our “slog” whatever our frustrations, whatever our feelings – it’s Ok to feel them – but catch them, slap yourself around the face with a wet fish – and crack on!

40,000,000–50,000,000 people died in WW2

So yes whilst COVID-19 has massively curtailed lives, and seen the early passing of many thousands of lives, it is heartening to see the people rise up.

The scientists battling to race for a vaccine or drugs that may minimise the impact of the disease on the elderly and vulnerable.

The doctors, nurses working tirelessly to save lives and care for people.

The Care Home workers determined to support and care for people with dignity, personal care and empathy.

The shop workers, drivers, teachers.

The farmers, food manufacturers, the

How do I keep my pecker up for my Business networking group?

My Wet fish.

So clearly I don’t have a stock supply of wet fish for slapping round my face – but I do have in my wellbeing bag the things that work for me.

  • A memory walk with daughter no 2
  • A bike ride – beating my times each time
  • My yoga time – time to stop, breathe and stretch
  • A PT session
  • A dance challenge from my daughters dance school – plus costumes
  • Drinks with friends
  • Bingo with Mum

And of course – just because we are curtailed now does not mean we cant plan big wild adventures in the future – so like in the Wars – we dont know when that future will be. So whilst it feels like so much of life has been stripped away from us – in reality – like business networking – we can still do many things. We can still connect. We can still dream. We can still inspire. We can still innovate, create, learn and share.

So – think how life will be at the end of this “war” we face. Dream big dreams, and if in doubt – join us at a business network event – you never know what you are missing until you try it. We could just be the anchor you are looking for?

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