How we help our Members

How do we help our members in the Business Network Chester group?

We exist as loyal avid cheerleaders, uplifters and Business Connectors for our members- the list is pretty long!

Firstly, Every member that joins, and renews has a detailed 121 meeting with Tracy. At this meeting Members need to be prepared to be grilled – in the nicest possible way!

Tracy takes a deep dive into learning all about

    • you,
    • your business,
    • your products, services and points of difference
    • your plans for the future,
    • your current clients
    • your desired future clients
    • current suppliers
    • future needs for suppliers
    • who you like to collaborate with
    • who are good referral partners
    • If you’d like to host a seminar
    • If you’d like to host a speaker slot
    • how we can best help
    • your attitude, confidence levels and mindset to

Using this “intel” – at every event Tracy will craft the best table plan for all members – connecting you with those all important “Like to meets.”

In addition in between events Tracy will

    • be a cheer leader for you on social media
    • connect you with prospects and enquiries as we get asked for service providers
    • recommend you within groups where people may ask for services like yours
    • support you with ideas, problem solving and
      general advice – from how to follow up, how to hold a great 121, to crafting your 2 minute table talk.

No other network is as proactive – so the more demanding you are as a member – actually the more we like it!