The Business network Chester – testimonial for members

Testimonial Alert! Business being done Alert! Testimonial Alert!

We love it when our members come together to do Business AND in doing so improve their efficiency and processes. Productivity in the UK lags somewhat behind other countries – partly – we think – because we dont know when to delegate!

However there ALWAYS comes a point when running a Business where you have to decide – am I being a Jack of all trades, Master of none?

Those that search for mastery absolutely know they have to outsource the things that others are much better equipped to do – and in doing so release valuable time to do the things they excel at – Business development, training and developing and mentoring their staff – or just getting on top of the nitty gritty of work and doing it through outsourcing.

Fortunately we have some excellent providers in The Business network that are just at the top of their game when it comes to making it EASY to Outsource.

The team at The Admin office do this – you can book time flexibly, as often or as little as you like – and you only pay for work done!

So – enough from us – what did our Members say?

Testimonial – Stewart Rawson of SR Electrical and Security to Maje Kennedy of The Admin Office.

Huge thanks to The Admin Office for removing business stress – so pleased to have met them and got to know them at The Business Network Chester !!!

Stewart says

“I would just like to thank Maja & The Admin Office team for taking away some of the stresses of running my business.  They have taken on some payment chasing and invoicing works which used to take up so much of my time and leaves me to run my business more efficiently.  Nelly (the lady who looks after my files) is efficient and easy to deal with, I like the fact I can use them as frequently or infrequently as the business requires… “

Stewart Rawson 

SR Electrical & Security

Well Done Maja, Nellie and the Team!


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