Know your value!

Know your value!

Do you ever think these things?

  • I just don’t know how to price?
  • People seem really keen to work with me – till I tell them the price!
  • I want better quality clients that value me and my worth.
  • I hate doing proposals – they take so much time and you never get feedback?
  • I’m tired of losing out on work to “cheaper” quotes.
  • I hate talking about money-how can I avoid it?


Working out your value and believing in it is a  common challenge, so how do we help prospects understand the value of what we do and sell at a premium?

Guess what? It’s not just a SME problem!  HubSpot (who have 1000’s of people working on their marketing messages) still had room for improvement.  Even Hubspot were able improved their selling price by 12% by working with Sandler.  With a bit of inspiration, guidance and our 7 top tips, what could we achieve?


About our seminar presenter-Know your value


Andy Lowe is an experienced Sales and Business development professional with over 20 years with leading companies within Apitito, for Wiltshire Farms foods, and Care Homes.

Andy now is a certified Sandler coach and teaches sales professionals, sales managers, and C-suite executives in small to medium size businesses and large organizations how to develop lasting improvements in their sales systems and management performance.

He generously runs free introduction webinars regularly and yet fully understands the part they play in his value creation for prospects.

Andy loves to work with business owners and managers to help them triumph over challenges that work to inhibit or limit their success, helping organizations and sales professionals set and exceed their most challenging goals.

In this seminar Andy will share his 7 steps will help you navigate an authentic and personal way to manage your mindset and pricing approach – join us to learn what these are!

  1.  Own the start line
  2. Win the battle of beliefs
  3. Be disarmingly honest
  4. Provide evidence of value
  5. Disrupt the budget step
  6. Know who you are and be different
  7. Care – but don’t care


So come and join us and kick start 2022 with your pricing strategy and approach for winning quality high value business.

To find out more about our business networking event – book a slot to chat with Tracy or book your slot here. 

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