Make March the Month to jump start your year of Health!

Steven Chaney of Elysium Health & Fitness will lead our seminar at our March 21st Event.

Steve, 30,  is Ex Military, and has been a PT instructor for 8 years. After mastering his own demons he is proud to have conducted over 14,000 sessions helping people change their bodies, minds and lives.

Elysium opened in 2017, and now conducts over 90 personalised 121 sessions a week to a wide cross section of clients.

This seminar will look at the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition and the essential element of behaviour and mindset for success.

Attendees will learn

  1. How picking the right type of goal is so important and why?

  2. Why we should all be moving more?

  3. What is a positive mental attitude?

  4. What the 5 components of nutrition are?

  5. Why building healthy habits gets better results?

Steve has also offered all seminar attendees the opportunity to promote health and wellness in their Businesses through sharing this seminar with them also.

Come on and Book your place – you have EVERYTHING to gain!

Call Tracy on 07768 926 602, email or simply press book here!


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