Member Spotlight

Our new feature is a deep dive with our members – where we put them in the “Spotlight” and learn all about their past, their current perspectives and how we can help them with their future plans.

Abi Smith – Grosvenor Insurance

Abi shares her 10 year long journey with The Business Network Chester from Fundraising to her new Sales and Marketing role for independent ambitious businesses.



Member spotlight Abi Smith

Andy McKinney – Gameplan Financial

Andy shares how story of how his passion and talent for Ice Hockey in Canada brought him to serving professional sportspeople here in Chester and the North West. His learnings from the world of sport have served him well as he looks to develop and grow his Business.


Member spotlight Andy McKinney

Jon Davies – Jon Davies Photography

As a recent new member in the group Jon has embraced The Business Network Chester philosophy fully. Here he talks with us about the evolution of his Business and how you can help him. From people to pets to products – Jon has all the skills and camera goodies to make your story come to life!


Member spotlight Jon D

Phil Strachan – Strangebrew

Phil is unique in that he has a career spanning both sides of the marketing table – from Foster lager to unique boutique brands – he helps you think “Brand not Bland!” Learn what that means in this member spotlight session.



Member spotlight Phil Strachan

Stephen Ogilby- PFPS Wealth Management

We seem to attract top sporting talent – maybe that’s why our network is so full of successful people – they know how to win – and lose graciously – as well as pick themselves up and go again when times get tough. Join us to listen to Steve and his journey from Cricket whites to the life as an IFA.


Member spotlight sTEVE oGILBY

Laura Bray – The HR Dept

Laura is one of our multi experienced HR providers in the group – with a background in Charities and local government and a team with diverse experience – Laura can help you with all your HR needs – worth a watch!



Member spotlight The HR dept

Graham Boyd –

Absolute Design

Talent in buckets !

WOW WOW WOW – love to see creativity and long held passions and talent and hard work in flow. Graham shares his story from long haired “Double denim’d” student to Founder of Absolutely Design. You are in for a visual treat! Any connections to large tourist attractions – please get in touch!


Member spotlight Graham Boyd

Angela Ashton- Accountancy & Bookkeeping Consultancy Ltd

With a practice that has doubled in size every year since she set up – Angela now leads a 6 strong team that are here to demystify your accounts. Strategic, supportive and well within the rule of the law – Angela helps growing businesses and start ups to be efficient, effective and ethical to boot.



Member spotlight Angela Ashton

Phil Tugwell –

Wire Consulting

Phil shares his story about his world wide travels and projects and how he has stayed true to his roots and his passions in the Northwest to form Wire Consulting. As a master of managing change his story is full of interest.


Member spotlight Phil Tugwell

Rob Dancy – The Franchising Centre

Rob challenged Tracy to run a spotlight in the pub! So of course she accepted. The first take ended up being a picture – so this was take 4 & 5 !




Member spotlightRob Dancy